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What’s the cost of Council plans for my existing house?

Be warned, because this item most clients never know to include in their budget when they plan a renovation! It’s a sensitive issue as clients budget for new house plans drawn by the drafter, but don’t always realise they also need detailed drafted plans of their existing home before any new plans can be drawn. These plans of their existing house, are called “Measured Drawings.” This step of Measured Drawings is so important, as we can’t design a new renovation if we do not have the on scale plans of the existing house. We draw these plans on AutoCAD software and...

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When is the best time to renovate?

When is it the right time to renovate? Does it depend on how long you’ve lived in your home, your budget or your future plans? This answer is different for every home owner. Today we want to give you some pointers to take into consideration when making this important decision. 1. FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS You are now all excited about your first home. To save a bit of money you bought a “renovation project”. (Of course it was advertised by the estate agent as “needs some TLC”…) Now it’s time to decide how to spend that extra bit of money to make it your own. STOP RIGHT HERE! Only about 5% of renovations of first time home buyers are successful if they renovate within the first year. Why? Making good renovation decisions take experience. If you are a first time home buyer, we always recommend clients to first live in your home for at least six months before you start planning your renovation. You will have a much better spatial awareness of how you actually use your home and what features are missing what you desperately need to add. 2. EXPECTING A BABY Nine months. Actually 8 months since you first find out you’re pregnant. And yes, we all know the last two months you’re the size of an elephant with the mobility of a hippopotamus. That literally gives you...

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How do I know if I can add a second storey to my existing home?

Before you get excited about that second storey for your home, there are a few very important facts you need to know about building up your existing house. WHO CAN TELL ME IF I CAN BUILD UP? The best way is to pay a building inspector to do an independent building inspection This can be for your own home or a home that you plan to buy A qualified builder might also give you some good advice on extension possibilities and problem areas they normally come across A structural engineer can give you more expert advice if you expect that your project will have difficult or unusual building specs A drafter and interior designer can give you advise on what Council will allow on your plot regarding extension regulations for your plot or neighbourhood. They will normally advise if you need an engineer for your project and can put you in contact with builders, engineers or building inspectors. ADVANTAGES OF GOING UP? You can expand without loosing existing garden space. It gives you an opportunity to change the style of your home by replacing the roof or view in a major way DISADVANTAGES OF GOING UP? More expensive than just a normal extension Extra building costs for extra support on existing home Additional cost for structural engineer to be involved in the project If you need to replace or...

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