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How to decorate a room with multiple windows and doors

We all have that awkward room that we just have no idea on how to place our furniture. Today I will give you a few tips on how to decorate a living space where you have so many windows and doors, that it makes it very difficult to know where to place your furniture. Too many windows and doors mean that you don’t have enough walls to place your sofas and chairs against. It also makes a room feel very busy and the decision on where to hang your art work, is also tricky.


decorate with multiple windows, decorate with multiple windows, how to arrange furniture in living room, rug in living room

Sometimes it’s not only windows and doors, but it could also be a radiator or fireplace. If the room’s size allows it, move all your furniture towards the middle of the room. This will open up the areas around the obstacles and create a cozy conversation space in the middle of the room. This means you can now arrange the furniture as you want, without taking into consideration the placement of the windows and doors.


decorate with multiple windows, decorate with multiple windows, how to arrange furniture in living room, rug in living room

A rug will anchor the space in the middle and pull your attention away from the doors and windows. The rug will now define how the furniture will be arranged, and the space will be less awkward. The good thing is that a rug immediately adds coziness and warmth to the room too.



decorate with multiple windows, decorate with multiple windows, how to arrange furniture in living room, rug in living room

Use the symmetrical placement of sofas or chairs to counteract the unevenness and chaos of misplaced windows or doors. Symmetry creates order and will draw your attention to the middle of the room, away from the walls, doors and windows.



If you have multiple windows and doors, keep all the walls in the room the same colour and lean towards a light, fresh and neutral palette. It will make the centered furniture placement stand out, and make the room feel less busy.



decorate with multiple windows, decorate with multiple windows, how to arrange furniture in living room, rug in living room

Stay away form tassels and busy patterns. I think you get the idea by now… Less detail to accentuate the number of windows and doors. More focus on the furniture. Keep the wall areas as neutral and simple as possible.

Let us know if you have any other awkward rooms you want us to address. You’re welcome to email us a photo and we might give you some advice!

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney


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Lyndie’s Renovation – BAR INSPIRATION

When we decided to reconfigure the interior of our home to suit the way we lived, the conversation between my husband and I steered towards every man’s dream,  a cellar, or man cave.  In my mind’s eye I could already picture the ladies sitting around the dinner table (or most likely doing dishes) and the guys congregating in the underground cellar, getting worked up about rugby, army and politics.  Seeing that our formal dining area would become an unused space after building the extension, we decided that this would be the best spot for the new bar, rather than excavating into the ground.  This would ensure a great flow from the formal lounge into the bar and then out into the new extension with fireplace (which you will see in the following few weeks).

New bar before

Hard to believe that this area would soon house a bar, but it’s wonderful to work with such a blank canvas!

New bar cabinetry

As our bar area would have an open doorway from the kitchen, the two rooms needed to “talk” to each other, but we certainly didn’t want the bar to looking like an extension of a kitchen.  We used black polyurethane cabinetry in the kitchen and finished it with Caesar stone benchtops, so we needed to repeat these finishes in the bar for cohesion.  We also wanted open shelving to display a whiskey collection, a sink and tap for quick rinsing and a cabinet for the storage of  wine and glasses.  We also designed a bar counter with a cavity at the back, so that bar stools could be stored out of sight when not in use.

New bar inspiration

We definitely wanted to steer away from the traditional timber bar look with framed rugby jerseys against the wall, as this would not suit the style of our formal lounge room, which is connected to the bar.  By using black cabinetry, an immediate sense of drama and old worldliness was created, which was further enhanced by an antique mirror splashback and soft lighting that cast a glow on the whiskey display.  We decided to finish the bar counter in black panelling and a timber top, to suit a modern country style and to create an informal atmosphere in the area.   Glass pendant lights, which mimicked the shape of a wine glass, were installed above the bar counter.  The only thing missing, was a rustic timber slab for the top…


Funnily enough, it was on a search for an ever evasive winery during a recent holiday in Mollymook, South of Sydney, that  we came across a timber yard.  As luck would have it, they had the most exquisite timber slabs, just perfect for our new bar!   It only took a tractor and bent roof racks to get it back to Sydney, but it was well worth the effort!

Next week, I’ll show you the end result…

If you would like to follow the changes we made to other parts of our house, follow these links:

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Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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Lyndie’s Renovation – Formal Dining Room Demolition

Setting up home is all about learning how you like to live in it.  Seeing that we’ve been living in our home for the past 12 years, a few things dawned on us during this time.  Firstly, we realised that we’re not ones for formal dining arrangements and secondly, we “needed” (wanted) a home bar.  I gently persuaded my husband that an underground cellar would probably not be the way to go, as this would segregate the drinkers from the non-drinkers (who we still need to meet) too much.  We decided to ditch the formal dining room, as the new extension would house a large table for dining and social gatherings and we had a small dining table in the new kitchen for family dinners.  The former formal dining room would now be opened up with bi-fold doors and connect to the new extension and become our bar.  So this is what we did:

Dining room Renovation - Before

Dining room renovatoin - The Changes

Dining room renovation - bifold door frame

Dining room Renovation - levelling floor

dining room renovation - level floor

dining room renovation - gyprocking

Next week, I’ll show you the inspiration behind the bar design and what finishes we selected to make it fit in with the style of the kitchen and formal lounge area.

If you would like to follow our renovation in other parts of our home, follow these links.

Before & After of Entry and Stairs, Before Photos of the Interior, Renovation, First Phase, Ensuite Bathroom Make Over, Kids’ Bathroom Make Over, Demolition day, Formal Lounge Room Reveal, Kitchen installation begins, Kitchen Reveal.

If your home bar needs an update or you’re wondering where to install one, give us a call for some instant inspiration 🙂  We could give you a full bar design, selection of finishes, or assist you with a quick update for your bar as well as a cocktail making course (only kidding).

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

We’ve learnt that clients get frustrated if we answer: “It depends on what finishes you use and the the size of your bathroom.” (Even though it is true!) This is one of the questions we get asked the most!

So today we will give you a better breakdown on how to budget for your bathroom renovation.

We divide it into three categories:

  • The face-lift ($5,000+)
  • The standard bathroom replacement ($15,000+)
  • The luxury bathroom ($25,000+)

1. THE FACE-LIFT ($5,000+)

If you renovate to sell, or you renovate because your bathroom is falling apart but your budget is very low, the face-lift option is for you. This will not be your dream bathroom, but rather a working and less old fashioned bathroom.

To save money, you need to keep the plumbing (positions of taps and toilet included) in the same place. Don’t change the layout of the bathroom at all! Do not buy feature tiles, as they are expensive.  Focus on a cheaper tile, but still choose something interesting and on trend. To save costs, do not tile all the way to the ceiling. (We hate to recommend this, but it will save you a lot of money on tiles and labour) Get a quote to resurface your bathroom if possible. Check out Resurfacing Australia’s website for ideas. Shop around on e-bay for vanities, toilets and taps. If you project manage this yourself, you can save a lot of money!
Image source



This is the minimum amount we always prepare our clients to budget for a bathroom. If you want to have a bathroom that is on trend, new and will have a WOW factor, you need to budget for more than just a face-lift bathroom. This option is for people who want to enjoy their new bathroom for many years to come.

We don’t do face-lift bathrooms for clients, but we do design and project manage many bathroom installations in the standard bathroom category. Clients must be willing to buy quality taps, a new toilet and a new bath. Old fashioned shower screens are replaced by frame-less screens. Many times we twist the bathroom layout too, so the client is willing to add a few hundred dollars to change the bathroom layout slightly. In a standard bathroom you can still not splurge and buy the top of the range products, but you will be able to create a beautiful new quality modern bathroom that will add value to your home.
Image source


3.  LUXURY BATHROOM ($25,000+)

It is very important that you do not over capitalise your home. You can not spend $40,000 on a bathroom if your house does not fall in a price category to suit this expense. If you are unsure on how much you should spend, chat to your estate agent or interior designer. If, however, you are lucky enough to build your dream bathroom, you might easily spend between $25,000 to $40,000. The trick is to choose what items you should splurge on. If you save on some items, you can keep the budget affordable. The labour cost does not change much between the standard and luxury bathroom. It is the finishes that break your budget! Good spatial planning, choosing quality finishes and good styling are the keys for the luxury bathroom.  If you are planning to spend this amount on a bathroom, it might be good to get an expert’s opinion and design advise. It won’t cost an arm an a leg to pay for an interior designer’s professional help, but at least you know the $30,000 you spend on your bathroom will have a WOW factor and be the envy of your neighbourhood.

Bathroom renovation, interior designers hills district, how much does a new bathroom cost
Image source



Always get more than one quotation. We always get at least two quotations from a bathroom installer, and relevant tradies and tile shops. Planning your bathroom will be the key to saving money. And most important, STICK TO YOUR BUDGET!!!! No, you don’t need the fancy tiles you can’t afford!

If you missed the story on how Lyndie renovated her bathroom, read her previous blog about her own en-suite bathroom renovation.   With marble tiles, luxury provincial taps, heated towel rails and a beautiful timber vanity, she added a few extras to a standard bathroom, to create a more luxurious look without breaking the bank.

Happy decorating!

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney

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How to create a romantic powder room in a small space

Did you know that this is one of the most important rooms in your home?

It is also the most neglected room in most homes and it is a room that all your guests use. Let’s be honest. Your guest is using your tiny powder room for a few minutes. Except for the natural, there are nothing else to do than stare at how your powder room is decorated. Being a small room, be sure everything will be noticed! The tiles, the walls, the basin, the taps, the mirror. So why not make sure you impress them! This is your chance to show cast your style and designer edge. It is a small room, so it won’t cost an arm and leg to renovate and decorate.


Four things, here we go!


powder room, bathroom layouts, interior designers sydney, bathroom renovators, small bathroom tips
Image source

Go wild! Choose something that stands out and that you love! Be daring, play with wallpaper patterns and interesting tile layouts. Yes, you get wallpaper that can be used in powder rooms. In a small room a dark wallpaper or tile can work, as it will make it feel cozy. However, I prefer a lighter colour tone for a small powder room. I like to keep it fresh and romantic.


powder room, bathroom layouts, interior designers sydney, bathroom renovators, small bathroom tips
Image source

The tap ware in your powder room does not have to match the rest of your home. You can splash and be daring! Make sure it’s eye catching and not just boring taps. Try something new like copper or black. You want to impress your guests, but still be stylish.


powder room, bathroom layouts, interior designers sydney, bathroom renovators, small bathroom tips
Image source

A full length mirror will make the room feel even bigger, but rather put it above the basin, as your guests don’t like to look at themselves in the mirror while using the toilet. Instead, why not invest in a loose hanging mirror with an interesting shape (round, diamond, hexagon) and bling frame. If in doubt, read our previous blog about bathroom mirrors.


powder room, bathroom layouts, interior designers sydney, bathroom renovators, small bathroom tips
Image source

Don’t forget the final touches. This is what makes it romantic! A scented candle, beautiful fresh little flower or even a romantic plant like an orchid. These things don’t cost much, but makes such a difference. Your powder room does not need a lot of storage except for a few toilet rolls, your spare candles or matches. Don’t overpower the small room with a huge vanity.


Here are a few layout options for small powder rooms . Get that measuring tape and make sure you create a dazzling, romantic powder room! If you don’t know how, we can help you too!

powder room bathroom layouts renovation

Click the links below and check out some of the bathrooms we have renovated in our own homes the last few weeks:

En Suite Bathroom | | Kids Bathroom  | What tradies do you need for a bathroom reno


Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney


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Lyndie’s Formal Lounge Renovation – THE REVEAL


Lyndie's renovation first page reveal

I believe an awesome living room should leave people happier than when they first entered the space.  It should have an arrangement of furniture that would encourage conversation, reflects your personality and not be cluttered with pieces you no longer love.

Formal Lounge Before

In my previous blog about our lounge room renovation, you’ll see what our vision was for this area, as well as where we found inspiration for the decorating style.  Our lounge room desperately needed new flooring and an update in accessories.  We also wanted to create better flow from the entry and did that by removing the pillars and nib walls.  Most of the old furnishings in this room will be used in the new entertainment area extension.

Formal Lounge After

The colour scheme throughout the house was inspired by a painting by Karen Tabak, which we purchased at the Kings Art Show last year.  We decided to purchase sofas in a lighter colour, as the room needed a light and fresh palette.   There’s a large possibility that these sofas will be covered in plastic sheets before our red wine drinking friends arrive.  Some of them (you know who you are), might just be banned from the area entirely… 🙂

marble coffee table accent chair

No living room is complete without a few decorative items to make it feel homely.  I stuck to the colour palette and added a few quirky bits to complete the picture.  It was love at first sight when I spotted the slatted accent chair, which works perfectly with the Modern Country/Colonial theme.

removal of pillars in lounge room

The feeling of openness was finally achieved by removing the decorative pillars and low nib walls.  The view from the lounge room to the entry is now unobstructed and creates a better flow through this space.

View from Formal lounge to entry

Formal Lounge Renovation

Formal Lounge Renovation After

New timber flooring was installed throughout the first level and lends a wonderful warmth to the interior.  The pewter side tables were purchased in Berry in the Southern Highlands on a recent holiday and the table lamps we found on another scavenger hunt in a small town a number of years ago.

White sofa Abstract Painting

If you’re struggling to find your style direction or need help putting a room together, book a consultation today!  If you’d like to see how we renovated the other rooms in our home, follow the links below:

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Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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How Lyndie changed her Formal Lounge Room

How Lyndie Changed her Lounge Room

Our front door opens up into an entry area and the first room to the left, is our formal lounge room.  Previously, this room connected to the formal dining area, where we usually hung out during winter when entertaining.

Lounge room before renovation

The room started looking a bit dark and dreary with dark leather sofas, dated carpet and accessories that looked a bit tired.  The pillars, which we disliked from the moment we moved in, didn’t add to the ambiance.  Pillars do have their place in society and fit homes from Georgian to Federal to Greek Revival to Italianate to Romanesque to Classical Revival.  They can provide privacy or create an ambiance of openness. In our house, they looked old fashioned and only created obstruction between the entry and formal living room, so they had to go.

Lounge room renovation plans

The other pillars, between the new bar area (old formal dining area) and formal lounge area, housed supporting beams, so we decided to encase the beams in 1m nib walls on either side of the room.  This plan was ideal, as cabinetry for the bar butted up against this new wall, but it also created a definite divide between the bar and formal lounge area.

lounge room pillar removal

The pillars and low nib walls were removed and we couldn’t believe what a difference that made to the space.  Luckily, our builders knew what they were doing and the ceiling didn’t come tumbling down!  Always check with your builder or structural engineer before removing any pillars or supporting walls in your home.

lounge room renovation process

We removed all skirting boards and architraves in the downstairs area and replaced it with a higher profile to suit the new style.  The old carpet was removed and solid timber yarrah floorboards installed.

Lounge room Inspiration Mood board

My biggest source of inspiration for this area was a painting we purchased at the Kings Art Show last year.  The artist is an ex-South African, Karen Tabac, who’s abstract landscapes focus on nature without human interference (which you’ll see in next week’s room reveal).   It fitted the new style of our home, which has Colonial and Modern Country influences, but also provided a fresh aqua and bottle green colour palette to take throughout the house.

If you would like see some of the other changes we’ve made to our home, follow these links below:

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Don’t miss next week’s reveal!

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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Did PINTEREST replace Decor Magazines?

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, you probably live on a deserted island with wi-fi one day a month. The world is so full of screens and social media and everyone is looking for a quick result and quick fix for all their decor  problems. The same goes for decor solutions. Pinterest is great, because it gives you the chance to pin images to albums, for free. Do you still have to buy decor magazines or decor books for your coffee table? That’s one of the reasons that blogging became so popular, because people still want to read stories, get advice and gather information while browsing on their computers. With blogging, these stories are quickly available through social media and the internet and can be accessed everywhere and anytime.

So why should you still buy decor magazines and decor books?

I will always continue buying decor magazines. There are a lot of information online, so I’m very picky lately to which magazines I buy.  Here are my favourites that I’m willing to share some me-time with: Home Beautiful & Inside Out. They have real homes, with images and furniture and solutions I can relate to. No hoity toity fancy stuff real people don’t buy or can’t afford.

decor magazines sydney, home beautiful, inside out, vanillaslatedesigns

Social media and Pinterest don’t give you the story behind the pictures, how homeowners came to their decisions, their obstacles during their renovation process or shopping tips and the latest furniture trends. Magazines do! Even though we blog ourselves, and we try to share with you our personal stories and advice, we still love spending time with decor magazines and a cup of coffee. I put on my music, kick off my shoes and fall down on my sofa with a magazine and a (few) chocolates. It’s my time to relax and  create some me-time. When I’m working on my computer, I can’t help constantly checking Facebook, Instagram, my emails and Pinterest. Suddenly I have 10 or 12 websites open, working and checking and browsing everywhere at once. When I lie on my sofa with a magazine, I can focus on one thing only and actually relax completely.

So even though Pinterest is free and might give you quick solutions, I don’t see it as the only problem solving solution for decorating. Otherwise you’re just copying rooms and other people’s photos. If you read decor magazines and books, you slowly change your mindset, get inspired and give yourself a chance for a new style to develop slowly and steadily, that will represent YOU.

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney

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Kitchen renovation reveal

If you’ve been following our home renovation, you’re probably eager to see the end result of our kitchen!  To see the first stages and how the renovation progressed, follow these links:

Before & After of Entry and Stairs, Before Photos of the Interior, Renovation, First Phase, Ensuite Bathroom Make Over, Kids’ Bathroom Make Over, Demolition day, Kitchen installation begins.

kitchen before renovation

This photo was taken just before demolition began – it’s amazing how quickly everything is stripped to the bare bones of the house.  We removed this benchtop that separated the informal dining and kitchen, to allow the dining area to become more part of the kitchen.

black and white kitchen dark timber floor

We went for a black and white colour scheme, but warmed it up with timber elements to resemble a country kitchen.  The old butcher’s block, which accompanied the butchery we purchased 16 years ago, was restored by my father-in-law.  It’s exceptionally heavy, so we fitted it with wheels in order to cart it where needed.

kitchen bifold window before

Here’s the kitchen stripped of all cabinets and benchtops – only thing remaining…those beautiful splashback tiles with depictions of fruit… We widened the window and replaced it with a bi-fold window to create better flow to the new entertainment area extension.

kitchen marble benchtop

Great improvement, even if I have to say so myself 🙂  The oil painting of our family beach house in South Africa, was a gift from my Mum for my 40th birthday and takes pride of place in our new kitchen.  The beach house reminds me of hot summers and an ice cold ocean, late night dancing, crawling through a window after curfew (and getting caught!), eating freshly caught crayfish with lashes of mayonnaise on newspaper and skinny dipping at sunset with my aunt and cousin.  This was what Christmas time was made of –  days at the beach with the entire family (only rarely fighting over who’s turn it is for cleaning the dishes or how the kids never help with washing the laundry – by hand in those days).

freestanding oven before renovation

What a beautiful sight, our yawning oven door and laminated cabinet doors.  How ever could we improve on this look?

freestanding oven and rangehood

Aaaah, that’s better!  My husband and I love entertaining and cooking, so we needed a proper oven and plenty of workspace.  The oven is now big enough to hide all my dirty dishes –  not just the plates –  when unexpected guests come over, jippeee!  I decided on white cabinets for the top half, as the black would’ve been too overbearing. To keep a unified look, we used brushed nickel handles, that works well with all the taps and accessories.

kitchen dining before

This is the old informal dining area off the kitchen during packing up phase.  We bought the large timber shelf that’s hanging against the wall at a scrap metal yard in Richmond.  It was used to be a display shelf at an antiques store.  Because of the size of it, we had to close up the door cavity that led into a guest bathroom out of the dining area, otherwise it wouldn’t fit!  What we’d do for timber shelves with character…  I decided to paint it white to fit the new scheme, as the timber imparted too strong a country feel in the space and didn’t have the same tone as the new flooring.

black and white kitchen table

The crisp white shelf has a fresher feel and creates such a nice backdrop for all my pretty knickknacks (crap, in my husband’s words… he knows nothing of decorating ;).  The small 6 seater dining table suits this space perfectly and is great when it’s just the four of us for dinner.  It was another council pickup find, which I painted black and white.

kitchen dining, painted shelf

A small sink and tap for quick rinse ups and a kettle for a cuppa and girly catchups complete the look.  I’ve used aqua as accent colour throughout, that was inspired by a painting in the lounge room.   Some of my knickknacks are from local retail stores, some are handmade and others from Salvo’s or Vinnies second hand stores.

Kitchen renovation, Kitchen dining

So this is the kitchen done and dusted.  Items used in this renovation:

  • Solid timber, prefinished yarrah flooring
  • Polyurethane cabinets with shaker style doors
  • Ceasarstone Statuario Nuvo 40mm mitred benchtop
  • Devon super white matte subway tiles from Beaumont Tiles, Castle Hill
  • Kethy handles
  • Wall paint – Dulux Dieskau and Vivid White for the trim
  • Farmhouse style light – Beacon Lighting
  • Provincial style taps in solid brass from Marina Isles, Castle Hill.

Next week, I’ll show you a new room with a new look. If your home is starting to look a little bit sad, give us a call to give you guidance for a freshen up.

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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If you want to be able to pinpoint your style inspiration, it’s helpful to know the major furniture design trends from the last century, and therefore, we need to sometimes look back and discover how today’s designs were born. It will also help you to sound very informative and super designer-like the next time your friends visit! Today’s blog post is kindly presented by BROSA FURNITURE, where designer pieces are delivered straight to you from the makers, without the expensive price tag. They are based in Melbourne.

If you have a look around your house, you are bound to find furniture inspired by a great design trend of the past.  Whether you got that furniture new from a retailer, or second hand from an Op shop, it will have a story to tell.  If you want to be able to pinpoint your style inspiration, it’s helpful to know the major furniture design trends from the last centry.



From 1900 to the 1940s, there were several trends that would go on to inspire much of the design we know today.  Art Nouveau was classically beautiful, with flowing lines and ornamental designs.  This trend resulted in some very pretty furniture.  In Germany in 1919 Bauhaus sprang forth from a famous art and design school.  It couldn’t have been more original.  Focused purely on functionality, the simple forms were easily mass-produced.  Inspired by post-war life, Art Deco took over.  The style was present in fashion, art and architecture, making it very recognisable.



Mid Century Modern design was straightforward and no-nonsense.  While we might call it “retro” now it was unlike anything that came before it.  It was minimalist and functional.  Materials used in the past were more often than not dark, polished woods.  But Mid Century Modern called for modern materials like chrome, formica and vinyl.  With modern materials came the ability to mass-produce designer furniture.  Furniture like armchairs began to resemble pieces of art.  Many Mid Century Modern pieces are now collector’s items.



Scandinavian design was present during much of the 20th Century.  It lasted from the thirties until the seventies.  But it has continued to influence much of the furniture we see today.  Being Modernist, Scandinavian furniture was both functional and could be easily mass-produced.  The designers of Scandinavian furniture thought it important that good furniture be available to all.  The affordability of Scandinavian design owed a lot to modern improvements in cheap materials.  Lighter coloured woods and simple, natural shapes were important to Scandinavian design.



Late 20th Century Rebellion became hip in the sixties lasting until the eighties.  Rebellion was loud, bright and unapologetic.  Designers used clashes of bright colours and wild patterns to inspire.  Colours like yellow and green were hugely popular.  Patterns from paisley, polka dots to stripes became the norm.  Towards the end of this period, monochromatic rooms were livened up with bright and unusual armchairs or sofas.


As we prepared for the new millennium, design seemed to nurse its Rebellion hangover with Minimalism.  Like in Scandinavian design, woods were lighter and fabrics were calmer.  Furniture took on a more comfortable form.  Subdued colour palettes of neutrals and pastels became popular.



The new millennium didn’t give us silver-clad sofas or digital wallpaper like in the movies.  Instead, we reflected on past trends and embraced those aspects that best suit our modern lifestyles.  Sustainability is now an important factor when choosing furniture.  Mass-production made the coolest furniture available to everyone.  And replica furniture means we can have a little piece of design history for a fraction of the price.


From the intricacy of Art Nouveau to the natural materials of Scandinavian, there is a little of everything in the furniture design of today.



See you next time,

Eriana & Lyndie


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