Many people think these two are inseparable. That’s not true! Traditionally the Hampton’s style is very much associated with the coastal style, yes, seeing that this is where the Hampton’s style has originated from. (It’s my secret dream to permanently live on the set of the Revenge TV Series…) Nowadays the informal beach style can be adapted to many other styles like vintage, eclectic, contemporary or modern. The Hampton’s style is your most formal style of coastal design.

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The nautical elements are definitely dominant, e.g. neutral colours, tones of blues, cane furniture and bringing the outside inside. What does make the Hampton’s coastal style more defined, is the inclusion of lots of glass and bling and symmetry.

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Add glass coffee tables, glass chandeliers or huge glass vases filled with foliage. You can also add a bit of bling with some gold chandeliers, gold or silver trimmed glass coffee tables or beautiful ornaments with silver and gold finishes. In stead of hanging informal canvas prints, stick to neatly framed artwork.

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The Hampton’s style is combined with the coastal theme by using more formal and expensive fabric choices on accent chairs or ottomans. Huge fabric table lamps impact a more symmetrical layout in the room.

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