Last year I was lucky enough to spend a wonderful 2 weeks in South Africa to share a very special occasion with my family; my sister’s 40th birthday!  We were spoiled for choice dining at wine bars in picturesque settings, snacking at divine coffee shops and brunching at locations extremely diverse in character and style.

timber & glass antique front door


One such location still sticks in my mind, as the setting and atmosphere was like nothing I’ve come across in my hometown of Sydney.   In a city with coffee shops and restaurants decorated in the ever popular rustic industrial style, this particular restaurant hit me like a breath of fresh air on a cold winter’s day.

Floral accents & painted timber

Claw feet bath and rustic wall

Ouland Royale is a huge Barogue Barn built by Wilja Reitz and her team on her family farm just outside of Plettenberg Bay in South Africa.  Wilja is an interior artist and created a unique venue, filled with spectacular French Baroque furniture pieces which she had collected and restored herself.


Baroque style love seat

French Baroque mirrors fill the walls and the luxurious upholstered chairs lend luxury and old world charm fit for Kings.  The hearty, double sided fireplace warms the interior and create an euphoric ambience, letting guests relax into the glamour of yesteryear.

Fireplace with floral cushions


Double sided fireplace and leather armchairs

Fascinators, made by the owner, are placed on the antique pieces dotted along the walls and add a surprising theatrical element.

Fascinators and french styling

The vintage style tables, leather suitcases, crockery and dining chairs, combined with the luxury of baroque furniture, give the interior a more cosy and approachable atmosphere, in step with the hospitality of this country environment.

Antique bicycle, love seat

Baroque style hall table, antique mirror

For those of you who would like to replicate this ornate and extravagantly theatrical look in your home, look for gilded, framed mirrors, dark ornately carved furniture, luxurious textiles rich in colour with large patterns, sparkly chandeliers and generous servings of gold accents.


sleepy cat, piano stool

To complete the look, don’t forget to add a sleepy cat on a piano stool.

Good luck!

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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3 comments on “Coffee in Baroque Barn Style – Ouland Royale”

  1. Wonderful to see your blog with Ouland Royale featuring!! I also display a range of costume jewellery at Ouland Royale based on the gatsby-style and more classic. When you and your friends visit Ouland Royale again please do give me your views/input! My designs sell under the name “G Designs” and I am also on facebook! x

  2. Wonderf.ul pics of Ouland Royale! I also have my costume jewellery displayed at Ouland. My range is classic and gatsby-style! Please let me have your input/views on my jewellery when you and your friends visit again! I display my range under “G DESIGNS”. x

  3. Thanks for your comment, Geraldine. I wish I could pop into Ouland Royale frequently, but living in Australia makes it a bit difficult 🙂 I will certainly keep an eye out for your jewellery on our next visit. Everything about the place is just magnificent. Good luck with your jewellery range and I hope it sells like sweetcakes!

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