Long before one found copper everywhere in every decor magazine, I was in love with copper. I can still remember the copper spade and bucket next to my grandparents’ fireplace. I loved how shiny it was, although grandma always complained that it was hard work to keep it looking that way!

copper mood board

My favourite combination: Copper, black and grey. Today copper is used in many different forms, and adds a very lively accent to a room.

copper colour inspiration

Copper colour inspiration from a very old rustic Volkswagen.

copper pendant lights dining room

Beautiful copper pendant lights immediately form a statement in this neutral toned home. The reflection in the copper creates movement and interest in the room.

copper feature wall

Copper wall adds so much texture and movement to this space! I don’t know if I will have the guts to do it though…

WIll you?

copper bar stools

When copper is alloyed with tin, it produces bronze. Copper is among one of the most widely used metals in modern civilisation. It has a wonderful richness to it, and quickly adds texture and warmth to a room with its reddish colour. Be careful though, too much will be overpowering! Okay,enough of science, and back to this beautiful kitchen stools. No Industrial Style will be complete without Copper! Look how the owner complements the stools with a copper vase and copper pendant light. Copper is a strong statement, and you just need to add a little bit!

Copper Pipes Office

A beautiful office space with an Industrial look. The exposed industrial copper pipes not only adds texture, but also a stunning rich colour to a neutral toned office. Love the black and white graphics that complements the copper pipes!

Be brave and add copper accents to you home!

Especially if you love the Industrial Design Style.

(Check out our article on the Industrial Design Style on our website, with info and inspirational images- click here )

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