Among some, the 70’s era is known as the decade that taste forgot.  Self expression and individualism were hallmarks of the time and sometimes presented itself in the most hideous ways!

1970 decor

I was born in the early 70’s, so I was too young to go to a disco, wear flared pants or make use of some terrific slang. Of course, catching up wasn’t hard to do, as it’s the best and most fun era to dress up in ever!

1970 decor

I fondly recall the 70’s as the time we could watch television for the first time.  This was done sitting on the neighbour’s lawn and sneakily watching their black and white screen through their lounge room window.

1970 decor
















It was a time to rejoice in avocado green and harvest gold appliances and fixtures, the colour scheme of choice for kitchens and laundry rooms.

1970 decor
















Shag carpeting in the brightest and boldest colours could even be found in bathroom and kitchen areas.  Yeah Baby!

1970 decor
















If shag carpeting was not to your “taste”, linoleum flooring in bright yellow and burnt orange in bold geometric patterns was a fabulous second option.

pinterest via ally severi
















Cheap dark wall panelling in family rooms, dens and bedrooms with dark cabinetry and shelving to match, were prevalent in interior décor.

1970 decor
















Laminate countertops in orange and green still reverberate in my mind and I remember the struggle of it finding its’ rightful place within the existing avocado green and harvest yellow colour scheme.
















Lighting became more creative and imaginative and lava lamps captivated and enthralled the crowds.

juco via Flickr

Blossoms and paisley patterns were popular in wallpapers and fabrics, the more brazen, the better. I can feel a headache coming on…

Retro- inspired interiors have made a comeback in the last year or so.  If you want to introduce a bit of tasteful retro into your living space, a shag rug and daisy wallpaper might not be the answer.  Rather try adding a few classic chairs, a retro styled table and some colourful cushions with geometric patterns. Visit our “Find your Style” page to get a little inspiration.

Watch this space in the weeks to come, to get some tips on decorating in a more updated version of the retro style.

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie & Eriana

Images found on Houzz by Alex Amend;; pinterest by Ally Severi;;; by Gotochy on Flickr; glen.h on Flickr;

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