If you don’t know what Pinterest is, you probably live on a deserted island with wi-fi one day a month. The world is so full of screens and social media and everyone is looking for a quick result and quick fix for all their decor  problems. The same goes for decor solutions. Pinterest is great, because it gives you the chance to pin images to albums, for free. Do you still have to buy decor magazines or decor books for your coffee table? That’s one of the reasons that blogging became so popular, because people still want to read stories, get advice and gather information while browsing on their computers. With blogging, these stories are quickly available through social media and the internet and can be accessed everywhere and anytime.

So why should you still buy decor magazines and decor books?

I will always continue buying decor magazines. There are a lot of information online, so I’m very picky lately to which magazines I buy.  Here are my favourites that I’m willing to share some me-time with: Home Beautiful & Inside Out. They have real homes, with images and furniture and solutions I can relate to. No hoity toity fancy stuff real people don’t buy or can’t afford.

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Social media and Pinterest don’t give you the story behind the pictures, how homeowners came to their decisions, their obstacles during their renovation process or shopping tips and the latest furniture trends. Magazines do! Even though we blog ourselves, and we try to share with you our personal stories and advice, we still love spending time with decor magazines and a cup of coffee. I put on my music, kick off my shoes and fall down on my sofa with a magazine and a (few) chocolates. It’s my time to relax and  create some me-time. When I’m working on my computer, I can’t help constantly checking Facebook, Instagram, my emails and Pinterest. Suddenly I have 10 or 12 websites open, working and checking and browsing everywhere at once. When I lie on my sofa with a magazine, I can focus on one thing only and actually relax completely.

So even though Pinterest is free and might give you quick solutions, I don’t see it as the only problem solving solution for decorating. Otherwise you’re just copying rooms and other people’s photos. If you read decor magazines and books, you slowly change your mindset, get inspired and give yourself a chance for a new style to develop slowly and steadily, that will represent YOU.

Happy decorating,

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