When we think about a painted door, the front door is usually the most obvious one that comes to mind.  A painted front door is a great way to make a statement and creating a welcoming feel when guests arrive.  Painting our internal doors, is a different story altogether, as not many of us would even consider it.   I recently came across a few fabulously funky doors, so have a look at the possibilities!

diagonally yellow painted internal door

This diagonally painted yellow door creates a fresh look to this home office.  To create your own, follow these step by step instructions found on abeautifulmess.

yellow greay and blue triangular patterned door

This door is hidden behind shapes that extend out to the wall.  In doing this, the whole area becomes a feature wall that makes the room appear a lot bigger.

pink purple and red patterned door

Even an ordinary closet door can become a work of art by applying a few shapes and the right colour combination.

blue black and white stripes and patterned door

With a bit of planning and a steady hand, your outdoor shower can also look this good!

black and white triangles painted door

Play it safe with black and white, always elegant, fashionable and eye catching.

blue and yellow pastels barn door

Who said a barn door needs to be stained timber?  A beautiful piece of art created to be effectively utilised as a door.  Great talking point!

patterned door and staircase

I adore the use of pattern to create this harmonious look;  allowing the eye to travel upwards to the top of the staircase.

What it the most adventurous colour you’ve ever painted a door?

Cheerio ’til next time!


Images found on thedesignfiles.net, frenchbydesignblog, abeautifulmess, spring.tumbler.com,  diyordie.elleinterior, eclectically vintage, uploaded.

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3 comments on “Don’t be a bore – Paint your Door!”

  1. Well that’ll teach all those naysayers who poo-pooed my cobalt blue kitchen door. I shared this on my latest blog post, kinda just to show them lol. Thanks- I love all the color.

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