Recently Lyndie shared with you 10 things about herself that you did not know.  Now it’s my turn. I feel a bit scared and exposed…

Most of you know that I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and we emigrated to Australia 6 years ago. Here are 10 other things you might not know about me:

  1. I suffer from Themeklophobia

There is no such thing, but there should be. Let me tell you why: If you don’t want me at your party, make it a theme party. I have an absolute phobia for dress up parties.  Where did it all start? When I was at University, we had to dress up and sell stuff at traffic lights as part of  fundraising. I dressed up as a clown. While the traffic light was red and I was standing at someone’s car window, another car drove over the red light and hit me. I rolled over the car, broke off the side mirror, cracked the front window and fell on the road. There I laid, in the middle of the street, in my clown suit… lights out. With a huge red plastic nose, a red curly wig and a bright blue dotted clown suit with Ronald McDonald size red shoes. My white LOOK sunglasses were even still on! Thank goodness there weren’t mobile phones or Facebook yet… Instead of helping me, my friends were just standing in the street, laughing uncontrollably at the clown that just flew through the air. Yep, I still have the scars to remind me of that day. So forgive me if I don’t want to drive anywhere again while dressed up in some stupid suit!

  1. I broke my own nose with a beer bottle

One night at University we were in a pub drinking beer. My open bottle of beer was standing in front of me on the table. Someone told a joke, I threw my head back and laughed out loud. When my head came back forward I hit my nose exactly on the top of my open beer bottle and broke it. My nose… not the beer bottle.

  1. I ran naked through flames at a day spa

On our 12th wedding anniversary we booked in to a day spa among beautiful vineyards, with a huge stone building and a thatched roof. There were about 100 guests. During our full body massage (yes, the one massage where you have almost nothing on), we suddenly heard noises and screaming. Our masseuses suddenly ran away and we never saw them again. When we peeked out the door, the whole building was on fire! No time to put on gowns or clothes, we literally ran through flames to safety on the lawn outside. The spa burnt down in 20 minutes. Absolute chaos, and very uncomfortable when 100 guests all stand half naked outside. Some with no clothes, some covering their bits with tissues and others hiding behind trees and lamp poles. Yes, we got our money back but not our ego’s.

  1. My veil caught fire on my wedding day

At our wedding reception we had long beautiful candles as part of the decorations. They stood on the floor, and were each about 1 metre high. I was standing talking, when I suddenly heard “whoop!” and smelled something burning. I stood too close to one of the candles and it literally burnt out my veil within one second. Gone! The only thing left was the outside wire…

  1. I had a blue dog

When I was in High School, I got a white Maltese Poodle for my birthday. I loved running cross-country, but was scared to run alone. So I often dyed my dog blue with food colouring and took him for a run with me. Best guard dog ever…no one wanted to come near me.

Eriana Bredenhann

  1. I can dictate weather forecasts with my thumb

While backpacking in America, we drove on the wrong side of the road in San Francisco and our small car was involved in a head on collision with a huge American SUV. I could actually write another 2000 words about all that followed the rest of that night (involving bikers, tow-trucks and a serial killer) Today I can still tell you when it’s going to be cold, as I crushed my right thumb in the accident and therefore lost the proper use of the knuckle in my thumb. I can feel cold weather days ahead! Painful I tell you…

  1. I played elephant polo in India

I love travelling and have been on every continent except Antarctica. There are many highlights while you travel, like flying in a 6-man airplane over the Grand Canyon in Nevada while everyone except the pilot is vomiting. One of my best overseas experiences was when I played in an elephant polo team in India. Was amazing, except that elephants fart a lot. Especially when they are “running”.

  1. I spent the 2000 Millennium New Year’s Eve in a hospital ICU

The morning of 31st of December 1999, I was admitted to hospital with incredible stomach pains. Long story short, I had an ectopic pregnancy that went wrong. It led to enormous internal bleeding. I lost 3,5 litres of blood, got a blood transfer and had a flat line during the emergency operation. So yep, while everyone was partying into the new Millennium I laid in ICU creating my own fireworks.

Eriana Bredenhann

  1. I was the only girl in a gay hotel on a holiday trip to Paris

My husband and I wanted to go on a romantic holiday to Paris. So we booked a hotel online that seemed to be very reasonable and close to all the attractions. Our first impression was: “Amazing decor!” But from a bright pink front door it slowly developed into leopard skin furniture, black and pink striped hallways and finally with the full version of the Kama Sutra painted on the tiles in our bathroom. Yep, I was the only female guest in the hotel. Well, we’ll always have Paris…

  1. My life is too short

My life is way to short to try out all the careers I am interested in. I have been an Accountant at a Bank, a Commerce Lecturer at a TAFE, had a Framing Business, qualified as a NSW Estate agent, became a Master Barista and completed my diploma in Interior Design. I can also see myself as an Architect, Full-time artist, Graphic Designer or Photographer. As an Interior Designer I get a chance to be a little bit of everything!

Eriana Bredenhann

I hope you all understand me better now. (Well I don’t, so I won’t blame you…)

Until next time,

eriana bredenhann





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