Yes, I get sucked into trends too. Trends come and go. So it’s good to recognise when you just like something because everyone else do, or if it’s really something you want to buy for your home. Today I will share with you four items that I realised I didn’t like at all any more! (I hope I don’t get into trouble for this today…)


copper baskets decorating tips trends out of fashion
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When they first came out, I loved them. Then all the big chain stores started to stock them in mass, and to me they lost their spark. Now everyone has a copper basket in their laundry, bathroom and play rooms. Too many for me around…



marble clock decorating tips trends out of fashion
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Same issue here: Everywhere it’s just marble… marble… marble… My biggest problem is, you can never read the time properly. I hate clocks without numbers! It makes me tipsy…



typographic cushions decorating tips trends out of fashion
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I also have a few of these cushions on my deck outside… Luckily they are a bit mouldy and that gives me a good excuse to replace them! Just like all the words saying “LOVE” , “HOME”, “EAT” you usually find in kitchens,  I’m not a fan. I do like the canvasses with messages, but prefer those messages not to be on my cushions.


deer canvas scandanavian decorating tips trends out of fashion
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The poor deer has been overplayed when Scandi fever hit the world. With all the cheap canvas imitations in the big chain stores, I rather save my money for true art works or quirky unusual canvasses. I think the bottom line is, when the chain stores overproduce a certain style, it no longer becomes a designer item, but just an ordinary room filler.

What did you buy and now regret?

Happy decorating,

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2 comments on “Four decor items I don’t like anymore”

  1. Totally agree on that Eriana, just love what you and Lyndie are creating on your website!!! Chevonne

  2. Thank you Chevonne! We appreciate your feedback 🙂 We are so happy to hear you enjoy our blogs.

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