Did you know that this is one of the most important rooms in your home?

It is also the most neglected room in most homes and it is a room that all your guests use. Let’s be honest. Your guest is using your tiny powder room for a few minutes. Except for the natural, there are nothing else to do than stare at how your powder room is decorated. Being a small room, be sure everything will be noticed! The tiles, the walls, the basin, the taps, the mirror. So why not make sure you impress them! This is your chance to show cast your style and designer edge. It is a small room, so it won’t cost an arm and leg to renovate and decorate.


Four things, here we go!


Go wild! Choose something that stands out and that you love! Be daring, play with wallpaper patterns and interesting tile layouts. Yes, you get wallpaper that can be used in powder rooms. In a small room a dark wallpaper or tile can work, as it will make it feel cozy. However, I prefer a lighter colour tone for a small powder room. I like to keep it fresh and romantic.


The tap ware in your powder room does not have to match the rest of your home. You can splash and be daring! Make sure it’s eye catching and not just boring taps. Try something new like copper or black. You want to impress your guests, but still be stylish.


A full length mirror will make the room feel even bigger, but rather put it above the basin, as your guests don’t like to look at themselves in the mirror while using the toilet. Instead, why not invest in a loose hanging mirror with an interesting shape (round, diamond, hexagon) and bling frame. If in doubt, read our previous blog about bathroom mirrors.


Don’t forget the final touches. This is what makes it romantic! A scented candle, beautiful fresh little flower or even a romantic plant like an orchid. These things don’t cost much, but makes such a difference. Your powder room does not need a lot of storage except for a few toilet rolls, your spare candles or matches. Don’t overpower the small room with a huge vanity.


Here are a few layout options for small powder rooms . Get that measuring tape and make sure you create a dazzling, romantic powder room! If you don’t know how, we can help you too!

powder room bathroom layouts renovation

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Happy decorating,

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