If you are like my friend, and you don’t have the ability to keep a house plant alive, then you should try your hand at succulents.

Succulents only need water when you remember to give it to them! With their unusual shapes and sturdy leaves, they can become affordable pieces of art in your home. Nowadays there are very funky pots on the market, or you can even paint one yourself. (Click HERE to view a link to “40 different ways to paint your terracotta pots”.)

pop and scott potplants

To buy funky pot planters, visit popandscott.com for the real designer look, or visit the online Etsy shops ShadeonShape or Kolbiewood. They are my favourites, and also make lovely gifts.

salad bowl as potplant

Be creative and use timber salad bowls as pot holders on your coffee table.

how to use succulents in your home

If you are brave, your plant can even be the focal point in your room!

succulent in living room

My ironing board is always standing in my dining room, because I am constantly behind with my ironing… Why not use your ironing board as a display unit in stead of folding and packing it away every day?

potplants on ironing board

Succulents are the best plants to use when you have an African inspired home. With their rustic, sturdy appearance, they complement the natural elements of an African Design Style.

succulents in your home on chair

For those of you that still think you don’t have green fingers and will never attempt to keep any plant alive… Don’t worry, you can always buy a print of a plant instead!

succulent poster

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