For most of us, making our bed is an early morning rush job between cleaning our teeth and getting the kids to school.  Sometimes, we completely miss the point of having a bedroom as a quiet and peaceful space.  Luckily, this can be fixed with the right styling, the right ingredients and just a few extra minutes of your time.  Start off by purchasing beautiful textures of the best quality linen, wool and cotton in a neutral palette and layer these to create a restful retreat.  Follow these simple tips to get it just right:

how to dress your bed like a designer


king size bed cushions

If you own a King Size bed, you will probably need three standard Euro cushions, where two will be sufficient for a Queen size bed.  The general rule is to start with your larger cushions first and place them against your headboard or wall from big to small.


timber headboard house rules

Variation in sizes and textures in pillows create interest in a bedroom.  For extra comfort, add large rectangular cushions as well as plush down or feather standard pillows in natural fibres.


exposed brick wall bedroom

This is your chance to play around with a bit of colour.  The same rule applies of placing them from big to small, from back to front, as we want them all to provide interest and variation with their different textures and colours.  Don’t rock the boat by adding too many different colours or too many cushions, rather balance small doses of bright colour with softer tones.  Also, remember to leave room in your bed for your husband.  Having to style too many decorative cushions could interrupt your morning and you might find yourself taking the kids to school in your jimjams. Stick to your chosen palette to create peace in your surroundings.


bedroom beach theme

Pick the best quality bedding in linen or cotton that’s light in colour .  If you are intimidated by the variety of thread counts out there, just remember that 200 thread count is good, but the price you pay for anything above 400 thread count is not worth it.  Neutral, soft colours will be the easiest to maintain and will always be in style. A top sheet with a lovely trim will be an eye catching detail and will create more interest.  Remember to lay your top sheet upside down, as you will be turning the top part over.


knitted bed throw

Bed scarves are popular accessories on hotel beds and used to keep feet from dirtying the area at the end of the bed.  It has now gained popularity at home as well.  It’s a great way to add another layer and will keep your feet extra toasty when under the covers.  Throws can add wonderful texture and warmth to a room and come in handy for those mid afternoon naps (in my dreams!)


exposed brick art wall bedroom

I like to have a clean slate when decorating my bed, so I prefer my bedding in white.  A neutral repetitive print will also work well, but if you already have scatter cushions in different patterns, I would suggest using a solid colour in a shade that would complement your existing palette.


white bedding bedroom

There’s no need for your fitted sheet to be the same colour as your top sheet. You may mix colours and patterns, but always stay within the colour palette you started off with.  Try matching your fitted sheet with your pillows for a unified look.


exposed brick bedroom wall blue bedding

A valance with texture in a solid, neutral colour would be a very versatile choice for your bed.

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie & Eriana

Images used from: The Design files, Home Beautiful, Designed for Life, HGTV, blackswandive, casa.abril, harmonyanddesign, sevenhomeideas.

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