What is the one thing our family disagree and fight about the most? Making your bed… I mean, how hard is it really to make up your own flipping bed? Apparently no one has that one extra minute in his or her day. It totally drives me nuts!

(Excuse me for a moment; I am just going to quickly time myself how long it actually takes…Like the Terminator says: I’ll be back) “And she stands up and walks away from her computer”

I am back. It took me 47 seconds. No, it does not look like a hotel, but it is neat. What did I do?

  • I removed everything from the bed
  • Quickly flattened the fitted sheet
  • Replaced the doona
  • Put the throw and cushions back (5 of them)

So what is the point if you are going to mess it all up again tonight? Let me tell you:


It is something small, but by making your bed you will really feel like you start the day by being in control and on top of things. If you don’t find those 47 seconds to make your bed, how are you going to find time to run your own business or finish your homework or dealing with all the other chores? Making your bed is the first thing in the morning that actually challenges you as a task that needs to be completed. Ever thought of that? Why do you want to start your day with a “fail”?



How often do you loose your socks, misplace your phone, or the charger for your phone or your glasses? Many times they hide between your unmade bed’s sheets. It will literally save you time if your bed is made and you don’t have to search for stuff. I am sure my teenage daughter will agree on this point. Hair ties, books, phones, letters, jewellery. Always lost… The reason is because her doona and cushions also lie on the floor when the bed is not made. She has to pick up everything when she searches for her stuff. Why not just make your bed and you can use your bed to put down all your stuff during the day?



So your beds are not made and friends or family unexpected arrive for a visit. They wander past the kids’ rooms or your own room on their way to the guest bathroom. An unmade bed does not only look untidy, but also screams sloppy, non-caring, and probably dirty. Even if your bed was made, but there were other stuff on the floor and everywhere, people will just think: untidy. Not dirty.



If you bed is not made, then the dirty paws of your dogs and cats will end up on your sheets during the day. That’s what you want to sleep on tonight?



You have to admit it. We all want to climb into a clean, fresh and neat bed when we go to sleep. Just make your bed for 47 seconds every morning, and you can jump into a tranquil bed each night. It is not that you don’t have the 47 seconds in the morning to do it… You are just never “in the mood to do it”. Come on! Just do it… Those 47 seconds can change your life!

Until next time!

eriana bredenhann



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