Do you feel frustrated that you just can’t get your living room to look like your friend’s, even if your furniture is very similar? You’ve probably not learned the art of layering! The great thing about layering is that you can “layer as your budget increases”. So if money is tight, make sure you layer in the correct order and that you buy the right accessories. Then you can just add more steps later.

how to layer accessories on a budget

how to layer accessories on a budget

If you follow this sequence, you have a good chance to stay on track. Decorating is a lot about planning well and working as your budget grows. Don’t expect to finish your room in one day, but make sure every item you buy is good quality and will last for a long time.

Layering is adding interest, step by step


Depending on what you have at home, either way is fine. Don’t worry about where people will put the cushions when they want to sit down, it’s their problem! Haha! (A cushion basket is always welcome.) Don’t forget to choose cushions in different sizes, different colours and different textures.


Even if you have a coffee table, a side table is always nice for that glass of wine that you will enjoy drinking during the evening. Side tables should be small, useful and stable. You don’t want to spill your drink or coffee!


Arrange your treasures, but make sure to leave enough space for a cup of coffee or a side plate for your guests. Your display can grow with your budget. Read our previous blog on table displays to get a few tips to create the best vignette display.


An occasional chair and a sofa begs for some height to complement it. A floor lamp or large plant is perfect. We recommend to first invest in a floor lamp, as it will add the additional option of soft lighting in the evening.


Your final step will be the art work. Confused on what to buy and how to arrange? Our blog of last week had a few handful tips on how to match your personality with your type of art wall. Whether you are eccentric, modern or very formal, each personality has an art display style that suits you.

These five steps are fool proof and easy for everyone to follow. It probably sounds very simple now that you’ve read it, but most people loose interest or focus somewhere in the middle. Then they get lost in the process. That’s why you need that space on your side table for a glass of wine when you need to take a break!

Challenge yourself this weekend and see in what corner of your home you can use this method!

Happy decorating,

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