Our suburb, Cherrybrook, was mostly rural land until around 1959, when it was subdivided and became the first project home village in Sydney. The original bushland was bulldozed, and exhibition homes were built and landscaped.  For this reason, most of the homes here look fairly similar and main bedrooms come with your standard walk in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom.

Our home was built in the 90’s and we’ve only recently started modernising our living spaces.  The bathrooms all reflected that lovely 90’s look including gold framed showers, peach toned tiles and a wobbly toilet to boot (which was no fault of the builders)!

Ensuite bathroom before

We originated in South Africa and were raised on maize meal, sunshine and meat.  For this reason, most of us are fairly large boned and require a bit more room to move.  Our bathroom could not fit 2 (large boned) people at the same time and the position of the toilet did not contribute to comfortable moments on the throne.  The same was to be said for the walk-in wardrobe – we had plenty of storage, but the U-shaped layout wasn’t very practical for our bone structure.

Blog, Lyndie's ensuite bathroom plans

We decided to remove the wall between the walk-in robe and ensuite bathroom and turn the entire area into a large bathroom.  So what to do about a wardrobe and storage space?  Where will we put our snorkelling gear (which we only used once), our duffel bags, suitcases, rucksacks, sports bags (it sounds like we travel a lot, but we don’t…) clothes and shoes?  We decided to create a built-in wardrobe in the bathroom cavity with an access door from the bedroom.  I’ll address the rest of the bedroom storage in my next blog about the main bedroom.  We installed a shower screen, which left us with a huge area for a wall hung vanity, ample knee space in front of the toilet, as well as a nice big shower.

Ensuite bathroom marble and timber inspiration

I love the combination of marble, timber and crisp white.  A modern look with a Provincial twist will be the style I’ll be carrying throughout the house.  I used a hexagon marble tile from Beaumont Tiles as feature wall in the shower and they kindly suggested a light grey grout to define the edges.

Bathroom view from Bedroom to Bathroom

After a bit of brainstorming with Eriana, we decided that, by carrying the grey floor tile up to the wall, it will create a more dramatic backdrop for the white and timber wall hung vanity.  The rest of the bathroom was tiled in large white tiles in a satin finish.  Great decision, don’t you think?

grey bathroom floor and wall tiles


Timber top Vanity grey tiled wall

I decided on a mirrored cabinet to match the timber topped vanity, as it would create more storage.  I love top mounted basins, as it fits the look I’m going for. As in the other bathrooms, I’ve stuck to hardware in a Provincial range.

Keep your eyes peeled for my main bedroom blog!

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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