We recently had our rather weathered, colonial front door replaced with a timber, more modern door.  This decidedly “country” look buffet and hutch had been welcoming our guests at my door for the past couple of years.

Black and White Display

The timber cabinet was a lucky Ebay find (like many of my furniture pieces), that fit exactly into the nook between the pillar and front door.  I had painted it Antique white and lovingly tiled the top with tiles I had painstakingly decoupaged by hand.  Unfortunately, it was time for the “country” feel to be replaced by something a little more sleek and modern to go with the new timber door.

tile removal

When I get a bee in my bonnet, I tackle the project heads on, no time to waste.  It usually doesn’t matter that I have piles of laundry to do, a market stall to get ready for or in the throws of a bathroom renovation.  I started the process by chipping the tiles off and that was fairly easy.  I assume it’s because it was my very first tiling attempt, so I probably didn’t do it properly (it happens).

Filling the holes


Chipping tiles off usually goes hand in hand with a bit of damage to the timber (or let’s say that’s how it’s supposed to be), so luckily I had my old friend “Timber Mate” handy to fill in all the dents.

First coat black paint


I then started with a primer in a darker colour, as my top coat is almost black.  For my top coat, I decided on a very dark, but warm grey.  I found a Dulux colour, but decided to add a touch of black for an even darker shade.

Front door and Black cupboard


The handles needed to be changed as well, as these went better with a sleeker, more modern look.  I used most of the styling items I already had, but picked up a few inexpensive, neutral ones from Spotlight and Target.  You certainly can’t go through this summer without a pineapple!

Black and White display, close up


So this is my finished product.  I love how the white stands out against the black background.  Do you think it’s an improvement, or did you prefer the lighter, country buffet?


If you had a similar revamp of a furniture item, drop me a line and send a couple of photos, I would love to see your project!

Cheerio ’til next time!



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