Have you ever seen a home where everything is white? No, not mostly white, but everything white?

A few weeks ago I attended a show of one of my favourite artists & singers, Nataniel, a well-known entertainer from South Africa. He has an amazing voice, is a great storyteller and he has a sense of humour that makes you laugh uncontrollably. As my one friend said, “I am still laughing about the previous story, and then I already have to start laughing about the next one!”

His costumes change constantly and they are all so dramatic and colourful. However, when you view images of his house, you are surprised how such a fun, outspoken artist can live in a house with NO colour!… yes, you heard correctly, everything in his house is white! You will love today’s images of such an unusual home.

nataniel living area

Unusual and fabulous! An achromatic colour scheme, which means a “colour scheme without any colour.”

Never heard of it? Today you will see what this looks like! Let’s first introduce you to Nataniel, and how colourful his shows and clothes are:

Nataniel Main poster

Nataniel sees his home as a haven away from his colourful public life. His home is his blank canvas (vanilla slate!) where he can create & write his shows, stories & books. For someone with more than 10 godchildren it is amazing that you will find no clutter anywhere.

nataniel white cupboards

This does not mean he has no colour in his life. Hidden behind tall white cupboards are all his artwork, books and colourful ornaments. He uses them when guests visit, but they all get packed away afterwards!

nataniel artwork

The most colourful part of the house is where he displays some artwork of Catherina de Bliquy. Well, it is still in neutral colours, but looks colourful compared to the white interiors!

nataniel bedroom

The white bedroom with stunning cushions from Fornasetti.

nataniel fireplace

The textured fire place breaks the all white interior and gives it a more cozy atmosphere.

nataniel dining room

I love the dark timber ceiling beams and industrial pendant lighting. Interesting table decorations!

The big windows bring the lovely green garden inside, which gives the white finishes a softer look.

nataniel kitchen

The all white kitchen of a writer of many cook books! It almost has a Scandanavian look.

Not only is Nataniel a singer & entrepreneur, but has written many cook books too.

nataniel clothes

Having so many interesting costumes, it is wonderful to see that some of them are displayed in his home. No surprise it is a neutral one!

Nataniel bought this house in 2005. Yes, you either hate it or you love it!

He is a firm believer of living life in a way that makes you happy. This house makes him happy!

Even though it is unusual, I can understand if you have such a colourful life in the spotlight, that you would want to come home to a place where your senses can rest and recharge.

nataniel white ornaments

Nataniel’s “all white” ornaments.

nataniel kaalkop shop

Nataniel has a shop called “Kaalkop” in South Africa. (Translated as “bold headed”)

Not surprisingly, the shop is also all white!

nataniel me and him

* Eriana & Nataniel

Let us know what you think about his home!

Until next time,

Lyndie & Eriana

* As indicated, many of these images are from the apartmenttherapy website.

* Most of the other images are from Nataniel’s own website.

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