SIX STEPS to create a perfect coffee table display EVERY time

Yes, anyone can do it! You just need to have a guideline… and focus! So today I will teach you how to create a picture perfect coffee display EVERY TIME. Just follow my six easy steps! It is fool proof. (Please don’t prove me wrong!)

It doesn’t matter what style of coffee table you have, it is about knowing which items want to be together on the table.


It is your foundation for the display! You need a place to chuck in all those loose bits e.g. TV remotes, knick-knacks or your coffee mug. Choose the style you want: Rustic, Metal, Glass, Wicket etc. Paint it, Spray it, Borrow it, Steal it. But get it!

blue tray on coffee table
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Why is it called coffee table books? For a reason! To show off on your coffee table. Use your most pretty ones, with interesting colours, different sizes and for sure designer names or titles that your guests will find interesting to page through while you make the coffee. So focus on books with beautiful images… and not ones on how to improve your self-esteem or raise teenagers. Your guests want to relax! If you have many books, they should always be stacked on different heights. (more…)

6 Easy Ways I Reinvent my Cheap Furniture to make it look Expensive

To my husband’s dismay, our home is filled with items I found on the side of the road, second hand EBay and Gumtree bargains and some really awesome treasures from the local scrap yard.  In my opinion, these cheap finds can easily be turned into some ravishing pieces, so read below if you would like to learn some secrets…


Entrance Hall vintage suitcase

Our entry way has been redecorated several times in the last few months – who doesn’t like the look of surprise on a guest’s face when they come for a visit!  This pine hall table was a lucky Gumtree find.  It only needed a coat of paint to earn it’s rightful place at the front door.   I added a dash of colour,  stuck some pictures on the wall with washi tape and added a few ornaments from a local home ware store.  Cheap, cheerful and easy to change for when the next visitor comes!  This green suitcase was bought at Doug up on Bourke for the photo shoot of our Sisterhood cushion collection.  It has also created great visual impact at a recent Vanilla Slate market stall and makes it easy to cart our home ware around.  The red timber crate is from a second hand store in Bowral and the soft animal throw from IKEA.  Add one of my authentic patterned backgammon boards from Egypt,  and a ceramic footstool  and you have a super interesting display!


If your couch could talk… what would it say?

Even though magazines and decor books and blogs display perfect rooms, I am still a sucker for a well lived in old-fashioned leather couch. Those ones that are a bit torn on the edges and look like they need some well-deserved polish. The couch you think should be thrown out, but it is just soooo comfortable whenever you sink into it. Why do you keep it? I know why! So read on…

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There were also days when you felt a bit down and just sat there on the couch with your eyes closed, listening to music on full blast.

How many dreams and goals did you plan on that couch?


Please give me a Christmas without tinsel and bling.

If I touch green or gold or silver tinsel… I literally get shivers down my spine! How can something plastic & unnatural be associated with Christmas? Maybe it’s just me, but I much more prefer real trees, pine cones & natural textures. Let me share six tips with you:

xmis decor without kitsch decorations

I love adding some Christmas spirit to my home every year. I just have a dislike in things tangled around my staircase or colourful decorations hanging everywhere and covering my coffee table, dining room table and windows. It then feels as if my house is in constant chaos and I can’t think straight! So today I want to share with you a few inspirational images how to decorate your house without bling.


My Front Door Transformation

We recently had our rather weathered, colonial front door replaced with a timber, more modern door.  This decidedly “country” look buffet and hutch had been welcoming our guests at my door for the past couple of years.

Black and White Display

The timber cabinet was a lucky Ebay find (like many of my furniture pieces), that fit exactly into the nook between the pillar and front door.  I had painted it Antique white and lovingly tiled the top with tiles I had painstakingly decoupaged by hand.  Unfortunately, it was time for the “country” feel to be replaced by something a little more sleek and modern to go with the new timber door.


Recycled Headboards

We moved into our new house two years ago, but my bed still does not have a headboard! We only bought a new mattress with a frame, and I always had this plan of making my own unique headboard. 

I somehow never get the time to be creative and make something funky for our own bedroom. So I need a new action plan!

Brief to myself for a new headboard:

  • It must be easy enough for me to able to make it myself
  • It must not look like something that you can buy anywhere else
  • Affordable so that I can change it again in two or three years (I get bored easily!)

timber headboard recycled


Decor in the 70’s

Among some, the 70’s era is known as the decade that taste forgot.  Self expression and individualism were hallmarks of the time and sometimes presented itself in the most hideous ways!

1970 decor

I was born in the early 70’s, so I was too young to go to a disco, wear flared pants or make use of some terrific slang. Of course, catching up wasn’t hard to do, as it’s the best and most fun era to dress up in ever!


Ideas to create a bedside table from these 8 everyday items

We take a few things in consideration before purchasing a bedside table.  It has to be the correct height next to your bed, have enough storage space, be big enough to place a few items on, etc.  Have you ever considered using an item in your home; that has been utilised as something entirely different, as a bedside table?  Have a look at the examples below to get the imagination going.

concrete blocks bedside table

These stacked concrete blocks become a funky bedside table in the blink of an eye.  Just add some greenery and a few books for a touch of homeliness.

swing bedside table

A rustic piece of timber can quickly be transformed into a swing for an eye catching bedside table.  Just be careful with those steaming cups of tea! (more…)

The Station – Quirky Industrial Coffee Shop in Wahroonga

It’s funny how the sight of a coffee shop with a beautiful interior can instantly bring a smile to our faces and momentarily add an extra beat to our hearts.  The Station is one of the longest established cafes in Wahroonga, originally called Café Laurella, when it opened in 1998.  Husband and wife team, George and Emma, decided to add their own flavour to the community of Wahroonga and started this thriving family friendly restaurant.  Among the hussle and bussle, we have a quick chat to Emma to ask about their journey and how the interior design of the restaurant unfolded.

coffee shop quirky industrial

VSD: The opening at the street side gives great access to passers by.  Was this done during your renovation?

It is one of my favourite aspects of the fit out.  I wanted a feature that would be immediately noticable and where it would by easy for passers by to stop and get a take away.  At the same time, it acts as a drawing card for people to come inside and see what else is on offer.

yellow chair coffee shop industrial

VSD: How did you come across the premises?


Don’t be a bore – Paint your Door!

When we think about a painted door, the front door is usually the most obvious one that comes to mind.  A painted front door is a great way to make a statement and creating a welcoming feel when guests arrive.  Painting our internal doors, is a different story altogether, as not many of us would even consider it.   I recently came across a few fabulously funky doors, so have a look at the possibilities!

diagonally yellow painted internal door

This diagonally painted yellow door creates a fresh look to this home office.  To create your own, follow these step by step instructions found on abeautifulmess.

yellow greay and blue triangular patterned door (more…)