A week ago I waited in anticipation for what the “colour of the year’ in 2016 will be. Why is it important? It is, because shops will tend to lean towards these colours when they buy furniture, clothes & all things decorating. The new colours for 2016 are: ROSE QUARTZ & SERENITY. This is the first time ever that two colours are chosen as colour of the year.

So if you’re not into pastels, do you have to follow this trend? Of course not! You do your own thing! It is just important to know that you will see these colours pop up everywhere in shops and magazines as it is seen as the chosen trend setting colours for the year. See, we are just here to keep you informed and help you look very intelligent and up to date with what’s going on in the market!

pantone colour of the year 2016 interior decorating

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Here are a few examples of how these colours can be used in your home. The beautiful rug & canvas are from Urban Road.

These colours are supposed to make you feel calm, experience tranquility and increase your overall well being. Are you feeling relaxed yet? If not, grab a glass of red wine. After all, it is still 2015 and the pantone colour of the year for 2015 is still Marsala for the next three weeks. If you don’t know, Marsala is the colour of red wine! Go check it out here –  Marsala: The misrepresentation of red wine.

Yes, you even celebrate Christmas this year with these lovely new pantone colours! (And very wisely tell your guests all about the new trends for next year…)

Happy decorating,

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