Many people can feel a bit intimidated when using indoor plants in a display, but plants are a great way to brighten up a space and bring the outdoors into your home.  On top of that, they purify the air and liven up an unused corner in a room.  Here are a few striking ways to display plants effectively:

This climber in the corner lets your eye travel to the ceiling and add height and substance to this room. Macrame plant hangers are now very popular and affordable and can help you achieve that height in a corner.

I could spend the whole day in the office staring at this display of greenery! Just make sure that, when you water them, they don’t drip on your computer…

Who said you can’t turn your whole lounge into a garden?  Masses of plants displayed in a group can add lushness to your interior.

If you are a plant killer (like mwah), rather play it safe with succulents.  Colourful pots and geometric designs add some extra punch to this area. Succulents are so easy to keep alive, so no more excuses!   Read one of our previous blog to get some Inspiration on succulents.

It only takes a single ornamental olive tree to get a feel of sophistication and elegance in this room.  Of course, the beautiful white sofa also helps… It is amazing how this one olive tree instantly gave this room a French country style!

Good luck with the green thumbs!

Cheerio ’til next time!


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