Summer is the time to entertain and have great get togethers with friends and neighbours.   I know that most of us have a few items handy when guests come over, but this would usually also include a mad dash to the bottle store before we hear the knock on the door. Today we’ll show you a few ways on how to style a bar cart so that everything is on hand and in place when your guests arrive.


bar cart essentials
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bar cart, water dispenser
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Although I don’t have many water drinkers among my friends, we all need the stuff to stay hydrated.  Nothing screams Summer like a lovely water canister filled with lemons, mint or cucumber slivers.  Put it on display and let everyone help themselves.


bar cart pretty packaging
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Even if you’re not a big fan of alcohol, make sure your bottles on display are pretty to look at.  Mix it up with a few personal items and different textures to entice your guests this party season.


bar cart mirror
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A beautiful mirror or art work above your bar cart will give more substance to the area and make it feel more part of your décor.  A mirror will reflect whatever stands in front of it and make the area appear larger.  It will even look as if you have double the amount of alcohol!


bar cart add flowers or greenery
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Flowers or some foliage will create an air of liveliness and just pretty up the whole thing instantly.


bar cart a few funky bits
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Add a few items of interest, like a pineapple, a vintage item or cute straws and funky vessels.  If you have guests that don’t usually have much to say, give them something to talk about that they’ve discovered on your bar cart (just until the alcohol kicks in!)


bar cart palette
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Your bar cart should be seen as part of you décor, so try to let it blend into your home, not stick out like a sore thumb.  If you have an interior with a modern country look, try to look for a few vintage items and a country vibe for your cart.  The same goes for a more classic, refined look – add a few art deco items and a bit more crystal or bling and you’re on your way.  It’s also important to stick to a colour scheme that would complement the existing one in your home.


bar cart water
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If you’re planning a cocktail party, make sure you have all your utensils, mixer drinks and frilly bits handy.  If it’s more of a casual get together in front of the fireplace, stock up on red wine and brandy – don’t forget to always have a soft drink option, water and ice on hand.

Hope this will ease you into your next get together!  For more tips on making your guest feel welcome, read our blog on Creating a Cosy atmosphere in your home.

Cheerio ’til next time!

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