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Decor Tip: Best advice for a successful art wall

You have tried your best, but your art wall still looks terrible. Why can everyone else do it, but not you? Well, it is not as easy as one thinks! Instead of a lengthy lesson, we will just stick to one short tip today.

CHOOSE A HERO PIECE. This is the one that is bigger than the other art work so that you can focus on choosing everything else just to match one piece of art. If they all match one piece, then the rest should all work together. It helps if that piece is bigger than the rest, so that your focal colours and inspiration piece is accentuated in the hero piece of the room.

tips for an art wall
Image source

In this image you can see the owner used the big black, white and yellow modern art work as inspiration. All the other prints and art works have either those colours or a modern painting that reflects the same style.

As easy as that!

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann


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“Meet the Creatives” – Dawn Warren from RABBIT DIGS

dawn warren rabbit digs artist

This is proof that your passion can become your job! From sharing her own drawings to Instagram, Dawn has drawn people to like and buy her unique original hand drawings. Affordable and so cute, they are available from $10 for an A5, $20 for an A4 and $30 for an A3. Hop online to view: rabbitdigs.bigcartel.com

black and white artwork rabbit digs dawn warren

  • Is your business/career heading in a different direction that you were initially planning?
    Rabbit Digs is very new so is still in that initial planning phase but I launched it with two goals in mind which were for people to like my work and for it to become successful enough for me to be able to devote all my time to it. So far I have been surprised and humbled at the amount of positive feedback I have had so hopefully I am on the right track to fulfilling my dream.
  • What are your favourite trends at the moment, and how do they suit your product?
    Cacti, Marble,Typography and Watercolour are my favourite current trends and I have plans to incorporate all of them in one way or another in future prints.
  • What do you enjoy doing most in your business? And least?
    The thing I enjoy the most, by far, is turning my ideas into actual creations. I find drawing very therapeutic so am always happiest just doodling away. The thing I like least is not having enough time to dedicate to that, as Rabbit Digs is such a new business I am not yet able to dedicate all of my time to it but my dream is to build the business enough for me to call it my full time job.

rabbit digs original art work

  • What brand do you admire or who would like to work with?
    I absolutely love Arlo & Co who create some incredibly beautiful things made out of wood or stone. I have a few of their products but would buy every single one of them if I could! Like many small Instagram based businesses they are passionate about both their work and their followers and that really shows in the products as well as the customer service. It would be a dream to collaborate with them in some way.
  • What does your work space look like now, and what would you love to add to the work space if you could?
    I am incredibly organised and need a clean and tidy workspace to feel comfortably in so it is very minimal and white! Having said that I have added some pretty things made by other small local businesses that inspire me, a couple of photos to make me smile, a nice candle, and a succulent because who doesn’t love a succulent? If I could add something it would be my own high quality printer but I’ve just started out so for now I go to the local printers to fulfil my orders.

Dawn has a beautiful Instagram Page: instagram.com/rabbitdigs

You can also follow her on her Facebook Page: facebook.com/rabbitdigs

Until next time,

lyndie and eriana

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What height should you hang your artwork?

Get the right answer, once and for all !

Bad décor never really upsets me, because I know everyone does not have an eye for decorating. Bad decor challenges my creative spirit, and I love imagining how I would quickly freshen up a space with a few tweaks. I don’t get frustrated with bad furniture layouts, or even wrong cushion colours. The one thing that does throw me completely off balance is:  Art work that hangs too high, or too low.

I totally loose my concentration during the conversation and the only thing I can focus on is how to control myself not to jump up and move the artwork!

You only need to follow four golden rules when you hang artwork:




The average person is 1,52m tall. That average person’s head should be in the middle of your painting. I always work with 1,6m as a guide. (This height is what most galleries and museums use too) So whenever you hang artwork, make sure the middle of the average size artwork is 1,6m from the floor. If you are a family of tall people or giants, you can even make it 1,7m.

how heigh art display above bed
Image source


Many of us decorate our walls with a group of photos or smaller frames. Where is the middle of the artwork then? Lay them all out on the floor, and then make sure the center of the arrangement is 1,6m from the floor.

Of course, if you have a giant piece of art e.g. 5m x 4m, it is not possible to have the middle of the artwork on 1,6 m high. Then you probably live in a mansion or a palace and you can get professionals to hang them for you.

If you have a very small artwork that you want to hang against a big wall, don’t do it. If you think it’s too small for the wall, it probably is. If you need to ask someone’s opinion if it is too small for your wall, it probably is. Rather have a blank wall than a teeny weeny artwork.

art display above couch how heigh
Image source


Artwork normally should hang lower than most people think. Artwork complements the furniture, and should be able to “talk to one another”. There should not be too big a gap between your couch and the art. The 1,6m height is still a good guideline, but couches differ and you might have to adjust with 10cm or so. People tend to always hang artwork too high, rarely too low!

If it is your hallway, pictures can even hung a little bit higher, because there is no furniture that they complement. Here you can even aim for 1,7m from the floor, in the middle of the picture. If you hang artwork in a row, decide which one is your main focus, and then make sure either the top or bottom of all the other frames are the same height.

how to display artwork same height
Image source


This is the most important rule! If you feel comfortable with an average “middle of picture height” of 1,6m, then all the pictures in the rest of your home should be that height too. Consistency is the key.

rules for hanging artwork
Image source

I hope you feel less confused now! Like most things in life, proper design does have a few basic rules that define whether some things work or not.


Until next time,

eriana bredenhann


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Catch the Eye with Art

I love walking into someone’s home (invited of course!) and getting a sense of the person who lives there straight away.  There are a lot of ways to add a personal touch to your home, but displaying art is probably the best way to impart your unique personality to your space.

personality books and art
Image Source

Art can create an instant focal point in a room and adding symmetry in the shape of book cases or furniture pieces can help draw the eye towards it.

black and white art print
Image Source

Personalising your space to make it unique to you, need not be expensive.  A simple black and white print will lift a room in no time and can be used in any colour scheme.

Art letter
Image Source

The great thing about art is that it can be done without breaking the budget.  A single letter placed correctly can be more effective than a whole gallery wall of prints.

Art statement colourful parrot
Image Source

Be bold with colour and get noticed.  Nothing lifts a black and white colour scheme than striking hues and bold prints.

wall of art
Image Source

Do you have too many art pieces to know what to do with?  Get them out from under your bed and let them work for you in a cohesive display.

If you want to get a few more tips on how to create a comfortable and welcoming home, read our blogs Secrets to Create a Cosy Home or How to personalise your home with plants.

Cheerio ’til next time!


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