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Best tips you will ever need for a Hamptons Style Home

Most people fail when they try to decorate in the Hampton’s style. Why?

We visited a new client this week, and she loves the Hampton Style for her project. So I thought maybe I will share the Hampton’s style with everyone today.

Two key features are usually overlooked when decorating Hamptons:

  1. GO ALL THE WAY HAMPTON’S – or give up now. It’s about creating the style throughout your home, and not a theme you create in your living room only. Hampton’s style is creating an overall timeless look for your entire home, that represents a classis, sophisticated look. Don’t combine it with other styles in your home, as it wants to be the hero. Hampton’s is not a theme, but a lifestyle. It’s also important to have a lot of natural daylight in your home.
  2. INVEST IN HIGH END ITEMS – after all, the Hamptons style originate from the upper class elite and their holiday region in Long Island, New York. Not some beach town somewhere in nowhere.
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Two focal points all Hampton styled homes must have:

  1. DRAMATIC ENTRANCE – Hamptons style insists on making a first impression. Either you have a beautiful staircase, or a double volume entrance hall with a huge pendant light. If you can add a small table with a huge bunch of fresh flowers that look like your butler has just arranged it, you’ve got a winner!
  2. HAMPTONS KITCHEN – The kitchen forms the centre point of the Hamptons design style. It will define the style for the rest of your entertainment areas. It’s actually easy to create a Hamptons kitchen with just a few elements, e.g. panelling or shaker doors, white subway tiles, crisp white finishes and glass pendant lights.
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Image source: Entrance Hall
hamptons style, hamptons decor, tips hamptons decor, beach style hamptons, decor blog hampton
Image source: Hamptons Kitchen

Walls & Floors:

  1. Stick to white walls as far as possible (Dulux Natural White is great, as it has a soft undertone)
  2. Add some white wall panelling for character if you can.
  3. Timber floors (of course) work well with either a white washed look or a deep chocolate brown colour.
  4. Add natural rugs like sisal or jute.
  5. Hamptons love dramatic but neutral curtains. You can also go for white plantations shutters or white sheer curtains.
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Image source: Hamptons floors, walls and curtains

Furniture & Accessories:

  1. Linen upholstery – a must have!
  2. Add wicker or cane elements – High End pieces of course, because wicker can quickly look cheap and worn if not quality products.
  3. Mix old and new furniture, but in a classy way. Timber furniture must still have a classical style, but be freshly painted, in good working condition and timeless. Here you can save a lot of money if you have a keen eye for second hand furniture.
  4. Add accessories like driftwood, a few (only a handful) of shells, glass jars, a butler’s tray and a little bit of bling. It must still be stylish, even though it does not have to be expensive. Think high end… Not your uncle’s old marine rope in his shed or an anchor you bought on gumtree. Keep that for your nautical style beach house…
  5. Down lights are not really Hamptons style, but we all need them. Make sure you alternate the down lights with a few pendant lights, especially with glass and iron features.
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Image source: Hamptons style accessories

Don’t feel overwhelmed, just remember that the Hamptons style does not mean you need to overspend, but it definitely means you need to think carefully that each item has meaning and has a flair for the high end. Proper planning is essential, and it’s best to choose Hamptons if you have a clean slate to work from.

Enjoy lying on your sun loungers with your cocktails in your Hamptons house! (Hopefully there is also a butler and pool boy to keep you company!)

Happy decorating,

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Coastal styling with a VINTAGE twist

Tired of beach styled decor with old shells and broken surf boards? Learn how you can give your beach style a vintage twist this Summer. We all love the blue tones and soft palette of a nautical home, even if we’re not lucky enough to live at the beach. Today we will give you some inspiration on how to get the coastal style, but add your own Vintage style twist. You can also see it as having a vintage style, but adding a beach decor twist! So how do you combine these two styles successfully without having to replace half your furniture?

beach style vintage oars
Image source

Beautiful vintage timber furniture will be a fantastic accent to the all neutral coastal style. The richness of the natural timber, combined with natural cane will complement your treasures from the sea. Make your vintage furniture the focal points of your room, and play around with coastal displays in neutral colours.

beach design style decor vintage influence timber
Image source

The white floor planks, white walls and neutral furniture creates a fabulous backdrop for your natural vintage treasures. Stay away from bright colours and see your home as a mini art gallery to display your treasures. Antique lanterns, old hats and bottles are all references to the sea.

beach style vintage neutral pallette decorate
Image source

Weathered furniture painted with chalk paint will give you that old coastal feeling. (We will soon blog about this new chalk paint phenomenon and how to do it!) Don’t be afraid to use soft blues as your accent colour. With the vintage style it is always nice to re-use furniture for a different purpose as initially intended. A chair becomes a bedside table and a ladder becomes a wardrobe. Don’t forget that you can make a beautiful head board from old marine timber!

beach style vintage decorate blue cupboard pastel
Image source

A coastal home with a vintage feeling will always have beautiful old bottles that looks like they’ve washed out onto the beach. Fill them with succulents or candles.

The coastal style can be interpreted in so many different ways.  Also read our other blogs about the Coastal Style:

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann

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Coastal styling with a HAMPTON’S twist

Many people think these two are inseparable. That’s not true! Traditionally the Hampton’s style is very much associated with the coastal style, yes, seeing that this is where the Hampton’s style has originated from. (It’s my secret dream to permanently live on the set of the Revenge TV Series…) Nowadays the informal beach style can be adapted to many other styles like vintage, eclectic, contemporary or modern. The Hampton’s style is your most formal style of coastal design.

hamptons style beach nautical living room light blue decorate
Image source

The nautical elements are definitely dominant, e.g. neutral colours, tones of blues, cane furniture and bringing the outside inside. What does make the Hampton’s coastal style more defined, is the inclusion of lots of glass and bling and symmetry.

beach style hamptons style kitchen decorate
Image source

Add glass coffee tables, glass chandeliers or huge glass vases filled with foliage. You can also add a bit of bling with some gold chandeliers, gold or silver trimmed glass coffee tables or beautiful ornaments with silver and gold finishes. In stead of hanging informal canvas prints, stick to neatly framed artwork.

beach style hamptons decor
Image source

The Hampton’s style is combined with the coastal theme by using more formal and expensive fabric choices on accent chairs or ottomans. Huge fabric table lamps impact a more symmetrical layout in the room.

Now it’s time for me to login to AirBnB and book my next holiday!

The coastal style have so many different ways of interpretation. Also read our other blogs about the Coastal Style:

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann


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