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Lyndie’s Main Bedroom Make-Over

Our main bedroom is a great size and has ample space for a King Size bed, as well as bed side tables and even a hall table tucked up against the wall (along with lots of clutter and a sleepy dog; my apologies 🙂  Unfortunately, the ensuite bathroom and walk in wardrobe were rather cramped and certainly only meant to be occupied by one person at a time.  To see how I accomplished extra space in the ensuite bathroom, read my blog: Lyndie’s ensuite bathroom makeover.

Main Bedroom Before

After sacrificing our walk-in wardrobe to become part of a very large bathroom, we realised that we had to create a solution for storing clothing, suitcases and the like. We have a window on either side of the bed, so this limited our ability to create a built-in wardrobe on that side of the room.  Luckily, we had an additional cavity where the walk-in wardrobe used to be, that wouldn’t interfere with the size of the bathroom.  This instantly became a linen cupboard, so I’m super keen on that extra storage!

Main Bedroom Renovation

The adjoining room is a rumpus room, where the kids watch telly and play computer games.  We decided to “steal” space there, as they would probably not even notice!  In order to do this, we moved the wall next to our bed by 600mm into the rumpus.  We then created a cavity in which we installed a built-in wardrobe.  The rumpus room is now 600mm smaller and our room can have a built-in wardrobe!

Main Bedroom Inspiration

I’ve never made a secret of my love for the ocean, so I wanted to give our bedroom a very informal look with a coastal twist.  A palette of light blue combined with crisp white would certain make me want to spend some quality time in bed. In Winter, dark grey bedding combined with caramel accents and softer, washed out greys will make a great alternative to the lightness of our Summer bedding.  The satin white cupboard doors in shaker style go perfectly with this style, as well as complementing the rest of the house.

Built in wardrobe shaker doors

Main bedroom After

Main Bedroom Timber Headboard

Main Bedroom Shaker Doors

Of course, the room could do with a few extra bits like new bedside lamps and tables, but I’ll gradually work towards that in the next few months.

If you need some guidance in changing the layout of any space or room, give us a call.

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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How to hang a Pendant Light in your bedroom with no hole in the ceiling?

So your husband says there’s no way in hell he pays an electrician $300 to add light fittings next to your bed for your $50 K-mart pendant lights you just bought. Everyone wants it! A pendant light next to their bed, but you don’t have fittings in the ceiling… Now what?

Lucky for us the informal rope and cord lights are very contemporary and you can now plug them into the socket next to your bed. However,  you still need to make it look like a pendant! Today we show you a few ways on how to present these lights. This is great for tenants too, as you can add quirkiness to a room without damaging the ceiling or paying an electrician.


timber bracket pendant light bedroom
Image source

They are cheap, and available from your local hardware store or places like IKEA. You can be fancy like in image one, and thread the rope through the bracket. Or, you can just be “arty” and drape the cord all over the bracket like in image two!


pendant light rope light ladder bedroom
Image source

You can use any old furniture or crates and drape your rope light around it. An old vintage styled ladder can add lots of character to your room.


pedant rope cord light gold glass
Image source

This method is my favourite as you can really get the feeling that the light is hanging from the ceiling. Make sure you choose a chord that is funky and suits your decor. Don’t try to make it look perfect, as the untidiness is part of the charm!

bedroom pendant lights rope french country recycled head board
Image source

So I hope you feel inspired to grab these (mostly!) inexpensive cord lights and make them a feature of your room!

You can buy them online from many places, but my top choice is FAT SHACK VINTAGE. Just make sure you order the “Pendant Light cord with wall plug.”. They cost about $65-00.

If you are a tenant, and you also want to know how to display artwork without using tools, read our blog about “8 WAYS TO DISPLAY ART – NO TOOLS REQUIRED “

Until next time,

eriana bredenhann


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How to prevent a family fight within 47 seconds


What is the one thing our family disagree and fight about the most? Making your bed… I mean, how hard is it really to make up your own flipping bed? Apparently no one has that one extra minute in his or her day. It totally drives me nuts!

(Excuse me for a moment; I am just going to quickly time myself how long it actually takes…Like the Terminator says: I’ll be back) “And she stands up and walks away from her computer”

I am back. It took me 47 seconds. No, it does not look like a hotel, but it is neat. What did I do?

  • I removed everything from the bed
  • Quickly flattened the fitted sheet
  • Replaced the doona
  • Put the throw and cushions back (5 of them)

So what is the point if you are going to mess it all up again tonight? Let me tell you:


It is something small, but by making your bed you will really feel like you start the day by being in control and on top of things. If you don’t find those 47 seconds to make your bed, how are you going to find time to run your own business or finish your homework or dealing with all the other chores? Making your bed is the first thing in the morning that actually challenges you as a task that needs to be completed. Ever thought of that? Why do you want to start your day with a “fail”?



How often do you loose your socks, misplace your phone, or the charger for your phone or your glasses? Many times they hide between your unmade bed’s sheets. It will literally save you time if your bed is made and you don’t have to search for stuff. I am sure my teenage daughter will agree on this point. Hair ties, books, phones, letters, jewellery. Always lost… The reason is because her doona and cushions also lie on the floor when the bed is not made. She has to pick up everything when she searches for her stuff. Why not just make your bed and you can use your bed to put down all your stuff during the day?



So your beds are not made and friends or family unexpected arrive for a visit. They wander past the kids’ rooms or your own room on their way to the guest bathroom. An unmade bed does not only look untidy, but also screams sloppy, non-caring, and probably dirty. Even if your bed was made, but there were other stuff on the floor and everywhere, people will just think: untidy. Not dirty.



If you bed is not made, then the dirty paws of your dogs and cats will end up on your sheets during the day. That’s what you want to sleep on tonight?



You have to admit it. We all want to climb into a clean, fresh and neat bed when we go to sleep. Just make your bed for 47 seconds every morning, and you can jump into a tranquil bed each night. It is not that you don’t have the 47 seconds in the morning to do it… You are just never “in the mood to do it”. Come on! Just do it… Those 47 seconds can change your life!

Until next time!

eriana bredenhann


why do you need to make up your bed
Image from the home-journal.com


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Get rid of your head board now!

Why? This could be the single item that stands in your way of getting the look in your bedroom you always wanted, but never seems to get right. Okay, I am not talking to those of you that already have the perfect bedroom ..

Whether it is something you bought impulsively on the internet or you shop around for the perfect one for three months, your head board is normally the main focal point of your bedroom. Don’t be skimpy and leave it for last. No use having an awesome linen set, but you bump your head against the wall each night. If the budget is tight, you can even make one! (Read our previous blog for some tips)


  1. FIRST choose the style you want, that match the rest of your furniture
  2. SECOND choose the height of the head board your room can afford
  3. THIRD choose the colour – because this is easy to change if needed (fabric or stain)

Today’s blog post is not a lesson about design styles, but to show you how a specific head board can actually influence the mood and style of a room. In the end all factors like linen, cushions, lamps etc will bring your room together, but a head board is BOLD, and can not be hidden or forgotten! So get rid of your existing one if it does not complement your style.



It can work in a Vintage, Eclectic, Shabby Chic or Retro Bedroom. It begs for natural elements and a relaxed atmosphere. Mix and match and forget about impressing guests with a stiff hotel look.

Image source



Do you always want to keep up with the latest “what’s hot and what’s not”, then you are probably already an Interiors addict and know that these fabric head boards are now the latest talking point. Are you quirky & colourful? Be careful that your art work don’t clash with your head board though…

Image source



Very popular in children’s bedrooms, but also in your main bedroom if you are a real “girly-girl”. Do you want the feminine look? The rattan also complements the beach/nautical look very well. It is important to stay away from a busy wallpaper when you have this head board.

Image source



A staggered head board always makes that extra bit of a statement. It can go any way: Art Deco, French or Modern. I love the styling in this room. Even though it is a busy wallpaper and a staggered head board, the colours blend seamlessly. Definitely asks for a few opulent accessories.

Image source



This is so popular lately! It complements many styles, like Vintage, Scandinavian or Contemporary. It literally gives you a natural and neutral blank canvas to dress your room in many different styles.

Image source



Do you love clean, modern lines? Do you want to give your room that “Hotel Feeling?” This oversized fabric head board is a good example of how your head board literally becomes art work. Your room needs to be big, and so does your bed. Aim for King Size! And don’t even consider this style if you are the clutter queen…

Image source



Just to prove that we do think of our male readers too! Nothing says “masculine” like a leather head board. This will work well with a Vintage or Industrial inspired room like in the picture. Add those neutral layers with cushions and linen, and your room is done! It will go well with your man cave next door.

Image source



Don’t think as this style to be too formal. Yes, it looks fabulous in a Hampton’s styled home, but it is just as comfortable in the Nautical or Modern style.

Image source



When the budget is low, but the romance is high (yes, we’ve all been there!), there’s not always enough money to style your room like you want to. So why not get crafty and make something funky that’s a talking point! Washi tape, permanent markers, polaroid photos or even magazine cut-outs can make a pretty good head board.

wording headboard tape
Image source

So go on now, have a critical look at your head board that you have now. Does it go with the rest of your furniture in your room? Maybe you have been combining lots of different cushions, colours and lamps but just don’t get the style of the bedroom right? Now go back to your head board and use it as a starting point. Or else, chuck it out, and get a new one!

Until next time,

eriana bredenhann

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Recycled Headboards

We moved into our new house two years ago, but my bed still does not have a headboard! We only bought a new mattress with a frame, and I always had this plan of making my own unique headboard. 

I somehow never get the time to be creative and make something funky for our own bedroom. So I need a new action plan!

Brief to myself for a new headboard:

  • It must be easy enough for me to able to make it myself
  • It must not look like something that you can buy anywhere else
  • Affordable so that I can change it again in two or three years (I get bored easily!)

timber headboard recycled


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Ideas to create a bedside table from these 8 everyday items

We take a few things in consideration before purchasing a bedside table.  It has to be the correct height next to your bed, have enough storage space, be big enough to place a few items on, etc.  Have you ever considered using an item in your home; that has been utilised as something entirely different, as a bedside table?  Have a look at the examples below to get the imagination going.

concrete blocks bedside table

These stacked concrete blocks become a funky bedside table in the blink of an eye.  Just add some greenery and a few books for a touch of homeliness.

swing bedside table

A rustic piece of timber can quickly be transformed into a swing for an eye catching bedside table.  Just be careful with those steaming cups of tea! (more…)

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Tips on how to style a teenage girl’s room

My daughter turned 13 on Friday the 13th. So now she is officially a teenager, and I feel officially old…

As they become older these once cute little girls, transform into adults overnight. Their friends and social networking become important and they spend more and more time in their room with their friends. Their rooms become their haven. That is why it is so important to make sure they help you to create a room that is special to them. Their tastes change just as quickly as their moods. Choose the basics right, and they will always be able to change and add the latest trends. Give them the opportunity to create a room THEY like, and not one you want. Soon they will be out of your home, and you will miss them heaps when you change their haven into another boring spare bedroom.

teenage girl room

Teenagers are individuals. So are their rooms. Make sure they have an input in colour choices and furniture.


  1. Choose the basic furniture in neutral colours (e.g. desk, bed)
  2. Allow your teenager to dictate the colour theme for the rest of the room.
  3. Let her decorate one wall totally on her own! Colour, wallpaper or artworks.
  4. Stay away from “themes” like Beach etc.
  5. Make sure she has a desk (even though she says she works on her laptop on her bed)

Here are a few images and ideas for your teenage girl’s room:

teenage girl room tips

A desk area is very important. She will have homework & hair to prepare. Probably more hours on the hair and make-up and taking selfies than on homework…

children room blue wall

Give her one wall to do what SHE wants. An interesting removable wallpaper maybe? If you are worried how the wall will look, make sure it is the wall behind the door… so no-one will see it unless they are IN the room! Give her the opportunity to choose the colour tone for the room. In this image above, all the furniture is neutral, but one wall is painted a soft egg duck. Paint is cheap, and she could easily change it after a while. (Make sure you teach her how to paint herself!)

interesting floor

Don’t be afraid to experiment to paint interesting shapes on the walls or floors or textiles. Look how well these squares, triangles and dots all work together.

teenager daughter room photos

Girls love photos! Instagram & selfies & all other forms of social media is part of their life. All teenagers want to feel they belong somewhere. My daughter’s room is filled with frames of photos of her and our family and her friends. Use this opportunity to also add some inspirational quotes to her room, because teenagers hardly want to listen to their parents, but maybe some of the quotes will stick with her for life.

pastel teenager room

If you choose your furniture well, she can chop and change the cushions and accessories regularly and on a low budget.

You will be surprised what a good sense of style your teenage daughter has. If she is unsure on how to start to decorate her room, here is a good tip:

* Let her choose her favourite outfit. Use that outfit’s colour or style to be the direction for her new room. Fashion & Decor are best friends!

I hope you feel inspired to help your daughter create a haven where she can feel herself. A place where she can feel: This is mine, this is home, this is where I want to spend time.

Good luck with the moods, colours, love & excitement a teenaged daughter brings to your life!

Until next time,

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney

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How to dress your bed like a designer

For most of us, making our bed is an early morning rush job between cleaning our teeth and getting the kids to school.  Sometimes, we completely miss the point of having a bedroom as a quiet and peaceful space.  Luckily, this can be fixed with the right styling, the right ingredients and just a few extra minutes of your time.  Start off by purchasing beautiful textures of the best quality linen, wool and cotton in a neutral palette and layer these to create a restful retreat.  Follow these simple tips to get it just right:

how to dress your bed like a designer



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