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Fail proof method to choose perfect cushions for your sofa

After today, you never have to worry again how to choose cushions for your sofa. I will show you 4 fail proof steps to follow.

Yes, you still need to be able to decide if the colours match, but you can even ask the shop assistant or your know-it-all friend to help you with that. However,  the process on choosing them will now be your strong point. (And you might even sound very design savvy in the shop…) After the four steps, I will show you two examples on how to do it!

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Start with the cushion you first fell in love with and definitely want on your sofa. Yes, it has to match the tonal colours of your home, but I’m sure you already use the same tone you love throughout your home. These two cushions should be friends. They must have the same colour tones. You probably won’t put them next to each other every day, so don’t think they look “too busy” together. You will add other cushions with them, to make it all work together.


In other words, if your main cushions have geometric patterns, or circles, or squares, try to add a cushion that also has something with that pattern. It is important not to overdo it. This cushion’s pattern should be lighter, softer and less dramatic. (When you look at the examples below, you will understand exactly what I mean!)  This cushion should not be colourful, but very toned down, so that the pattern can be the hero.


Now pull out at least two colours from your main cushions. Do not focus on the bright colours, but try to work with the background or lighter colours. Your main cushions are already the feature, you do not want your plain colours to overpower them and make the cushion display too busy. I normally stick to greys, black, linen or soft pastels.


Your last cushion must be the one with “personality”. Go for something with texture (e.g. ribbed or buttoned) or find a different shaped or size cushion. This will break the “same-same” look of your cushion display.

Now let’s look at two examples:

how to choose cushions for your sofa, cushions, sofa cushions, how many cushions, living room cushions. cushion trends, interior designers hills district sydney, best blog for decor tips, decor tips cushions

Most of the cushions are from: ADAIRS & AURA HOME

how to choose cushions for your sofa, cushions, sofa cushions, how many cushions, living room cushions. cushion trends, interior designers hills district sydney, best blog for decor tips, decor tips cushions

You can follow this method with any style, colour or trend. This is not the only correct way, but it will definitely help those that feel overwhelmed and stuck and don’t know where to start. Sometimes it’s just important to follow a fool proof process. Now it’s just for you to make sure that you do try and choose the colours wisely! Luckily most shops stock cushions that do work well together. You might find that it will be easier if you buy the cushions for step 1 and 2 at the same shop. For step 3 and 4 you can become more adventurous!

Let us know if these steps helped you!

Until next time,

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney

To view cushion prices and availability, visit: ADAIRS & AURA HOME



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Four decor items I don’t like anymore

Yes, I get sucked into trends too. Trends come and go. So it’s good to recognise when you just like something because everyone else do, or if it’s really something you want to buy for your home. Today I will share with you four items that I realised I didn’t like at all any more! (I hope I don’t get into trouble for this today…)


copper baskets decorating tips trends out of fashion
Image source

When they first came out, I loved them. Then all the big chain stores started to stock them in mass, and to me they lost their spark. Now everyone has a copper basket in their laundry, bathroom and play rooms. Too many for me around…



marble clock decorating tips trends out of fashion
Image source

Same issue here: Everywhere it’s just marble… marble… marble… My biggest problem is, you can never read the time properly. I hate clocks without numbers! It makes me tipsy…



typographic cushions decorating tips trends out of fashion
Image source

I also have a few of these cushions on my deck outside… Luckily they are a bit mouldy and that gives me a good excuse to replace them! Just like all the words saying “LOVE” , “HOME”, “EAT” you usually find in kitchens,  I’m not a fan. I do like the canvasses with messages, but prefer those messages not to be on my cushions.


deer canvas scandanavian decorating tips trends out of fashion
Image source

The poor deer has been overplayed when Scandi fever hit the world. With all the cheap canvas imitations in the big chain stores, I rather save my money for true art works or quirky unusual canvasses. I think the bottom line is, when the chain stores overproduce a certain style, it no longer becomes a designer item, but just an ordinary room filler.

What did you buy and now regret?

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney


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What you should know about Styling with Cushions

I am an absolute sucker for a beautiful cushion.  Going to a home ware store and leaving without something soft and decorative in tow, is like sheer torture and I would usually go back the next day to rectify my mistake. If this is the way you operate, it’s pretty easy to end up with a colourful mess on your couch or bed.  To avoid these haphazard compulsive purchases, I’ve put together a few pointers on how to coordinate your arrangement of cushions in a more structured way.


floral cushions
Image Source

Choose your cushion colours by referencing something else in the room.  The room will have a more cohesive flair if repetition of colour is used, whether it is something large, like your rug, wall, or something small like a decorative item or lamp.  A simple palette of no more than three colours will be more effective than a whole rainbow.


cushion size and shape
Image Source

Your cushion collection need not be the same shape and size.  The most effective arrangements are those that combine different combinations with even a round one thrown in.  It’s easy to go overboard if you’re a cushion lover like me!  Remember to allow some space to sit comfortably on your sofa.  For an informal look, place a larger one in the back and layer smaller ones to the front.


cushion colours and patterns
Image Source

Be adventurous and mix floral motives with bold graphic patterns, but make sure that you have another cushion that would match in either colour or pattern.  If using large, medium and small patterns together, make sure that they share a similar palette.  To separate and highlight different patterns, as well as creating a spot where your eye can rest, place a few solid or neutral cushions in your arrangement.


TEXTURED cushions
Image Source

If using a simple palette like a monochromatic colour scheme, create some interest by throwing in textures such as waffle weave, faux fur and chunky knits.

Of course, if you’re short on cushions and love a vintage, retro, quirky look, view the Vanilla Slate Designs Sisterhood range at our online store.

Cheerio ’til next time!



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