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Classic Country vs Modern Country Design Style

Are you getting thoroughly confused with all the combinations of design styles today?  We’ve recently learnt about the powers of BOHO, touched on Hamptons and how this classy beach style differs from Coastal style.  To get our ducks in a row about another contemporary style, Country Style,  let’s put it under the magnifying glass to clear up confusion.  Here is the difference between Classic and Modern Country Style:


Country Style Colour Palette

Classic country design primarily has a neutral palette with punctuations of faded pinks, watercolour blues, egg yolk yellow and forest greens.  Where the Modern palette envelopes itself in calming tones such as creamy whites, browns and greys, the classic palette turns on the true country charm by drawing inspiration from nature.


Country Style Furniture

Focus is squarely on comfort when classic country comes to mind.  Relax in overstuffed armchairs and get extra comfortable in the eccentric design of a tufted chesterfield.   Although modern style sofas are sleeker with skinny, raised legs, the whimsicality of  country style isn’t lost when combined with mid century furniture, leather accessories or extraordinary, modern pieces made from solid timber.  If done right, your home with have a warm, rustic charm with all the conveniences of a modern home.


Country Style Fabric Patterns

When thinking of classic country floral patterns always come to mind, combined with a bit of gingham, a touch of plaid and a tassel or trim here or there.  In Modern Country design the focus is more on textures and natural materials in neutral colours such as linen, wool and chunky knits.  Floral patterns, although in a more contemporary design, are kept to a minimum and are used when focus is needed on an accent chair or ottoman.


Country Style Accessories

Classic country style usually brings back memories of my childhood and I’m sure many of you would fondly remember a timber framed landscape painting, ceramic collections in a pine cupboard or crystal candle holders or embroidered rugs, from their own childhood homes.  Although modern country design has a cleaner, more uncluttered look, antique or vintage elements are still on display.  Natural rugs made of wool, hemp or sisal, or the more eye catching cowhide, complete this more sophisticated side of country.


Country Style Wall Colour

We’ve all heard the saying that grey is the new beige and not even Modern Country walls can escape this lovely neutral.  This is a strong contrast to the classic country look, where walls are usually wallpapered or stencilled in toile patterns.

So which style takes your fancy?  Still confused and in need of direction?  Click here or give us a buzz.

Cheerio ’til next time!

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How to Create a Cohesive Look in your Home

With all the beautiful furniture and decorating items available today, it’s sometimes hard to stick to just one decorating style or loving just one type of furniture style.  Here’s some good news, YOU DON’T HAVE TO!  Do you want your home to end up looking like a furniture catalogue or display home?  No thank you!  For a style that reflects YOU, incorporating objects from your travels, your childhood or nature, is closer to the new style you’re striving for.  You need to be brave enough to add your personality and create your own unique style by blending your own experiences and display them throughout your home.  Have a look at a previous blog on how to find your decorating direction.

This is what you do:


Walk through your home and take note of what you currently own.  Are there pieces that stand out, or are there a few you only purchased to fill an empty space?  If you’ve gathered a few things from overseas, did you have a few favourite cities?  Which would you love to return to?  Take note of the textures, colours and style of each item you’ve collected, as this will be the base of your new, unique style.  Remove everyting you don’t have a connection to.


sticking to style inspiration board
Image Source

Start a board on Pinterest or Houzz and gather images of your dream rooms.  Tear images out of your favourite magazines and display them on your wall.  A common thread will soon start to appear, whether in the way of architectural details, patterns, or a prominent colour.  You could even realise you’re gravitating towards a more rustic theme, or perhaps something more bohemian?  It’s also quite natural to have a couple of favourite styles and, if they’re true to your personality, they need to be embraced and encouraged!


Stick to style colour
Image Source

Now that you have a good idea of a style that you could call your own, you need to choose a colour scheme.  Colour is probably the most powerful decorating tool, as it’s not only very personal, but it creates moods within us that could quite easily be spoiled if done incorrectly.  For a more in depth look on creating mood with colour, click here.  Don’t get side tracked by Pantone’s colour of the year, but rather look at your inspiration boards when selecting your colours:  Are there any prominent colours that call to you?  Those are the ones that will form the base of your new colour scheme.  You’ll need three base colours, to avoid a serious yawn fest out of boredom.  One colour will go on the walls, one for an accent such as an occasional chair or sofa, and a third for accessories such as cushions and vases, etc.  If you only want a single colour, use it in different shades and tones, to make things more interesting.


stick to style rustic romantic
Image Source

This is where playtime starts!  If your style is leaning towards the rustic side, use rustic timber trays, potted succelents, leather ottomans or side tables with steel legs.  The same goes for a more sophisticated theme:  Add more glamorous touches like a mirrored tray, glitzy vases, pretty flowers and a scented candle.  You get the idea… These combined accessories will enhance and polish your newly created style.


The hardest part is over!  Now that you’ve found the style that reflects your personality, stick to it!  Don’t get side tracked by the new “scandustrial” style that’s all the rage in magazines, if your newly created style is more “rustic/nostalgic”.  Your goal is to have a cohesive look, so don’t fall for what you’ve seen on the latest episode of THE BLOCK if it doesn’t fit your new look.

Well done and good luck,

Cheerio ’til next time!

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Find your Inner Interior Designer and Start Decorating


Decorating your home according to your own tastes and style is a must if you want to feel truly at home and relaxed.  Diving into your own personality and sensibility is the key to pinpointing your inner interior designer and surfacing it.  Therefore, don’t feel pressured about anything and allow yourself some time and research in order to reach the peak of your inspiration and creativity when it comes to home décor.


Image Source

Every room deserves its own lighting style.  In that respect, there’s no need to limit yourself to only a few lighting styles and options.  Also, these days you don’t have to sacrifice functionality over the looks and vice versa, when it comes to lighting.  You can easily check out some creative picks for lighting online and find even more than you hoped for.  In general, don’t underestimate the power of light for your interior décor.  It can make the whole home a lot warmer, brighter and pleasant to be in.



The best thing about modern age is that you don’t have to do everything yourself.  There are magazines on interior design that could help you find your perfect style for décor.  Websites such as Pinterest, are teaming with ideas and pictures that can motivate you to reorganize, repurpose and utilize many different things and items that you thought useless.


Colours can always make the space warmer and more pleasant, but if you want to change the whole colour scheme of your décor, you should think it through first.  If you’re set on changing everything, from your furniture and accessories colour to wall paint and/or wallpaper, you can make a big change like this, work.  But, if you only want to play with the colours of your decorative details or repaint the walls, keep it relatively simple and make sure that the new colours won’t clash with the old scheme beforehand.


Image Source

Nothing can make the interior more unique and decorative than statement pieces.  You might not think that you’re ready for this step, but be brave and at least try one statement piece in your décor.  It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant.  There has to be something that you found very appealing while looking through the magazines and blogs, but your own comfort zone prevents you from acting on it.  Taking a step forward is very important in both your life and home décor, so don’t be afraid to experiment.


When you start decorating, the process itself can sometimes become overwhelming.  This is especially true for various accessories that you find likeable.  But remember, too many bits and bobs scattered around your rooms can create a lot of mess and, in that way, cause the impression of chaos and clutter.  Therefore, don’t go overboard with accessories.  Strategically placed details will make the home shine from the inside but you still need to achieve the effiency and functionality of the room layout.


Image Source

If you find that the current interior design trends are not all to your liking, do not feel pressured to use them as your own home décor.  If you happen to love the contemporary home design trends, that’s great!  But the most important thing about the look of your place is to represent your own self.  And if modern design trends simpoly do not cut it in this respect, feel free to skip them.

Decorating your home, picking out different designs and accessories, choosing colours and all that jazz should be a fun and engaging process that soothes your soul and mind.  That being said, you don’t have to rush things.  Take it slowly, at your own pace.  If you force the task before you, you might end up with a result you don’t like.

xx Emma Joyce

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Lyndie’s Home Renovation – THE BAR REVEAL

A home bar is something every grown up home should have. Grown ups like popping into each others homes’ for a drink, either to wind down after a busy day, but mostly to get away from their children 🙂  Of course, you don’t need the full Monty bar… a bar cart with a few essential items will certainly do the trick!  In our case, we chucked our formal lounge during our renovation, not because we love drinking that much, but because we tend to dine informally (and to accommodate our drinking friends 🙂   To follow our bar renovation and inspiration, follow these links:  Lyndie’s Bar Inspiration and Formal Dining Room Demolition.

Facebook first image bar reveal


Bar installation

Our vision for our bar is slowly coming into fruition. The height of the glass pendant lights are determined and the back and front counters are installed.

First drinks new bar

Luckily there’s time for a break after a hard days’ work!  The guys are getting very excited about having the first cold one to initiate the new bar!

Bar black panelling rustic timber top

At last, it’s finished!  It was great fun unpacking everything into the shelves.  Now we can pretend we’re having a night out on the town every night!

bar antique glass splashback


accent chair black and linen


rustic solid timber bar top


bar counter glass pendants

This new area makes entertaining a breeze.  We love how the formal lounge flows into the bar and then out to the new entertaining area with fireplace.  I see a few social gatherings happening this year!

Let us know if your home needs a make over.  A renovation can be very daunting, especially if you haven’t experienced it before.  We draw up plans for council approval, assist in layouts, as well as selection of all your finishes.  To see the changes we made to other parts of our home, follow these links:

Before & After of Entry and Stairs, Before Photos of the Interior, Renovation, First Phase, Ensuite Bathroom Make Over, Kids’ Bathroom Make Over, Demolition day, Formal Lounge Room Reveal, Kitchen installation begins, Kitchen Reveal.

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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How to mix & match dining room chairs

It’s fine if you’re just married, a little bit broke & desperate, and you accept any furniture from your grandmother, parents & siblings to fill your house. Nowadays,  “eclectic” & “vintage” is so popular & contemporary, that even if your wallet is a little empty, you can pretend that’s the look you’ve always wanted!

So today I just want to give you a few ideas on how to mix your dining room chairs to get the look you want. (Then you don’t have to ask your grandmother for tips!)

timber dining room chairs how to mix interior designers hills district sydney
Image source


vintage eclectic dining room chairs how to mix interior designers hills district sydney
Image source


modern different colour dining room chairs how to mix interior designers hills district sydney
Image source


french dining room chairs how to mix interior designers hills district sydney
Image source


industrial mix chairs dining room chairs how to mix interior designers hills district sydney
Image source

Good luck mixing & matching!

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney


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Coastal styling with a VINTAGE twist

Tired of beach styled decor with old shells and broken surf boards? Learn how you can give your beach style a vintage twist this Summer. We all love the blue tones and soft palette of a nautical home, even if we’re not lucky enough to live at the beach. Today we will give you some inspiration on how to get the coastal style, but add your own Vintage style twist. You can also see it as having a vintage style, but adding a beach decor twist! So how do you combine these two styles successfully without having to replace half your furniture?

beach style vintage oars
Image source

Beautiful vintage timber furniture will be a fantastic accent to the all neutral coastal style. The richness of the natural timber, combined with natural cane will complement your treasures from the sea. Make your vintage furniture the focal points of your room, and play around with coastal displays in neutral colours.

beach design style decor vintage influence timber
Image source

The white floor planks, white walls and neutral furniture creates a fabulous backdrop for your natural vintage treasures. Stay away from bright colours and see your home as a mini art gallery to display your treasures. Antique lanterns, old hats and bottles are all references to the sea.

beach style vintage neutral pallette decorate
Image source

Weathered furniture painted with chalk paint will give you that old coastal feeling. (We will soon blog about this new chalk paint phenomenon and how to do it!) Don’t be afraid to use soft blues as your accent colour. With the vintage style it is always nice to re-use furniture for a different purpose as initially intended. A chair becomes a bedside table and a ladder becomes a wardrobe. Don’t forget that you can make a beautiful head board from old marine timber!

beach style vintage decorate blue cupboard pastel
Image source

A coastal home with a vintage feeling will always have beautiful old bottles that looks like they’ve washed out onto the beach. Fill them with succulents or candles.

The coastal style can be interpreted in so many different ways.  Also read our other blogs about the Coastal Style:

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann

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Decorate with animal prints. Yes or no?

There is a constant battle whether animal prints are tacky or stylish. If you do it right, it can be amazing. If you don’t, yes, it looks overdone and in bad taste. So how do you do it, so that it looks fabulous?

Today I will share FOUR TIPS with you.


Have you ever been on a safari in Africa? There you will experience the animals are widely spread out in their natural habitat and each time you find one, you are overjoyed with excitement! It should be the same in your home. African prints are not a theme, and should not be everywhere in your home. Present it as a rare find and conversation piece.

animal prints yes or no sofa
Image source



Maybe it’s because I was born in Africa, but I don’t like it so see a pink and white zebra ottoman or a green leopard print rug. I suggest you use animal prints in their natural colour, so that they can easily blend in with your other furniture and many design styles.

how to use animal prints in your home
Image source



I don’t know about you, but I always feel a bit frightened when I enter a space and see real animal heads mounted on the wall, staring at me with their orange glazed eyes. I also want to burst out in tears when I sit on a sofa and feel a real zebra leather cushion behind my back. There are many beautiful animal print fabrics that can still give you that focal point.


The best way to present African prints, are to use them as focal points in your design. E.g. as an occasional chair, an ottoman or cushion. Be careful with animal print wallpapers and rugs, as they can be fantastic, but very overpowering. Rather get some expert advice. The rest of your home should complement them and not be in competition with the print.

focal point african print zebra occational chair
Image source

There you go now! Animal prints are not only meant to be used in hotels or shops. You can definitely use it at home too. Just sparingly! Here are a few items from one of our favourite Animal Art suppliers: Urban Road.

urban road animal print canvasses artwork sydney

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann



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Combining His and Her Furniture to create your Style

So the two of you are taking the next step and decided it’s high time to put up house together.  He likes his leather chairs in front of his big screen tv, and she likes her floral accent chairs with pastel cushions.  Sounds like a divorce in the making, but how can we get around spending a fortune on lawyers before moving in together had even begun?

antlers and flowers
Image Source

When we think of masculine décor, leather and animal hides, bulky furniture, dark colours, metal like copper and straight or angular lines come to mind.

floral and masculine
Image Source

Feminine décor usually refer to light colours, elegant, curvy shapes, a bit of bling like gold, and delicate patterns.

library wallpaper
Image Source

Combining the items so that both parties are happy, might take a bit of practise and a wrestle or two.  I would like to suggest the following for a long and happy cohabitation:

  1. Keep communication lines open and be willing to compromise on a few things.
  2. Go shopping together for new items, but narrow choices down to only a few things to keep confusion to a minimum.
  3. Don’t go too pastel or frilly.  Stick to neutral colours and natural elements that would work with anything.
  4. Present an idea as a whole and give each other a bit of time to get used to it before shooting it down.
  5. You will get away with quite a bit if you let him think it was his idea 😉
  6. Give him a man cave and the rest of the house will be yours to decorate as you please (kidding!)
pink and black
Image Source


deer head
Image Source

For those of you who still fondly remember the movie “When Harry met Sally”, I leave you with a video about a quarrel about a coffee table.  This will make you realise how frustrating setting up house together can be.


Cheerio ’til next time!


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If your couch could talk… what would it say?

Even though magazines and decor books and blogs display perfect rooms, I am still a sucker for a well lived in old-fashioned leather couch. Those ones that are a bit torn on the edges and look like they need some well-deserved polish. The couch you think should be thrown out, but it is just soooo comfortable whenever you sink into it. Why do you keep it? I know why! So read on…

Image Source
Image Source


There were also days when you felt a bit down and just sat there on the couch with your eyes closed, listening to music on full blast.

How many dreams and goals did you plan on that couch?


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Decor in the 70’s

Among some, the 70’s era is known as the decade that taste forgot.  Self expression and individualism were hallmarks of the time and sometimes presented itself in the most hideous ways!

1970 decor

I was born in the early 70’s, so I was too young to go to a disco, wear flared pants or make use of some terrific slang. Of course, catching up wasn’t hard to do, as it’s the best and most fun era to dress up in ever!


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