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Lyndie’s Kids’ Bathroom Makeover

My children’s bathroom was so far out of fashion it was almost back in again!  The tiles had lovely peach tones with a gorgeous gold framed shower and vanity mirror.  To complete the look, the profile on the vanity doors catapulted me into another era and the towel rail also had a very special gold finish which unceremoniously fell to the floor every time we removed a towel.

Blog, Kids Bathroom vanity

Don’t get me wrong, I adore items from yesteryear that add character to a modern interior.  A touch of Provincial has always been a favourite and I’m never one to shy away from the warmth of rustic timber combined with crisp white in a Modern Country style.  Unfortunately, peach tiles combined with gold framed showers have yet to warm the cockles of my heart 🙂

Kids bathroom Inspiration Moodboard

So this is how I jazzed it up a bit… As this would be the only bathroom big enough to house a bath tub, I decided on a large freestanding bath to fit the country look and feel.  I fell in love with the grey toned timber look ceramic tiles at a recent visit to Beaumont Tiles and I selected a top mounted basin for the bathroom cabinet.

White country style vanity

In search of a new vanity, I realised that this item alone could easily blow the budget!  Luckily, I found a lovely timber cabinet for $400 at Knots Pine, which I painted a crisp white and finished in polyurethane.  I replaced the very ugly handles with something modern and stained the top to tie in with the floor tiles, then applied a coat of polyurethane for water resistance.

Provincial style taps

To complete the look, I decided on the Bastow Provincial range from Tradelink, as it ties in with the rest of the bathroom.  A niche in the wall next to the bath ensures that shampoos, candles,bath bubbles and my wine glass are within easy reach.  To add a sleeker look, we installed a frameless shower, a big improvement from the gold framed one!

Bathroom Renovation After

The laundry basket was a lucky kerbside clean up find.  One morning early, Eriana called me to inform me of this discovery in her neighbourhood.  She also threatened that if I didn’t take it, then she would!   As I’m such a good friend, I immediately found a spot for it in my home 🙂

If you’re thinking of a bathroom renovation and not sure where to start, email us for a price list or book an initial consultation.  We promise we won’t bite!  Our blogs about how to run a smooth bathroom renovation  and ideas on subway tile layouts, will get you started on your bathroom make over.

Cheerio ’til next time!

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Lyndie’s Laundry Make Over

My laundry was in pretty bad shape.  We first rented this home for 4 years before deciding to purchase it about 7 years ago.  As it is with most laundries in rental properties, we only had the bare basics; an inset sink with small cupboard underneath and a washing machine.  We bought a large freestanding laundry cupboard which took up a huge chunk of space, and a practical laundry basket without any personality whatsoever.

Laundry Make Over Requirements

Luckily, when you live in your home for a while, you know what your needs are and how you want your workspaces to flow.  I knew that I needed a place to store pool towels, shelving for easily accessible pegs and washing powder, as well as an area for hanging damp clothes or clothes that had just been ironed.  A new benchtop would also come in handy when folding is required and a space to store endless cleaning products is always a big plus.   I needed cupboards/shelving for sliding in tubs with individual family members’ folded clothing, because in my perfect dream world, each person would be putting away their folded clothing into their own cupboards (haha, it’s my dream world and I’m sticking to it!)

Laundry Mood Board

The list goes on… Not only did I want this space to be functional, but also easy on the eye.  It usually takes me about 4 days to  convince myself that doing the laundry will benefit myself and my family.  If it looks pretty, it might only take 2 days, who knows.  In my house, the laundry room can become a stressful space, so I decided on the colour combination of grey and yellow for a calming atmosphere.  I painted my walls grey and added a splash of yellow in my ironing board cover, which is mounted against the wall.

Laundry shelving for pegs

I didn’t want to splash out on a stone benchtop, as our kitchen renovation is coming up soon and I would rather splurge there. To tie in with our new kitchen, I decided on white shaker style doors in a satin polyurethane finish.

Laundry Tap and Succulent

For a bit of playfulness, I put in a pretty mosaic splashback and a succulent in a colourful canvas bag to make the laundry experience a tad more joyful.

Laundry Ironing Board Hooks

My hooks are from Bunnings (for an earth shattering $7,00!) and my yellow welcoming greeting from Target.

Lyndie's laundry renovation

Voila, there you have it!  I would still like to put in black and white retro vinyl flooring to complete the look, but that can wait until the kitchen is finished.  It’s made a huge difference in my life.  I have a place for everything and doing the laundry is less of a chore than it used to be.

I would love to hear about how you’ve improved your laundry experience, so drop us a line with a few photos.

Cheerio ’til next time!

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7 Reasons why you need an Interior Designer

This week, I’ve been dealing with putting a pool into our back yard.  It’s funny how things turn out, even after all the t’s had been crossed and i’s dotted…  During this recent experience, I’ve found that if the digger doesn’t fit past the side of the house, there will be no progress.  There are many little things that happen when you decide to make changes to your home, things that you might not have considered before starting your project.  Find a list below on why an interior designer might benefit you more than you think.


It’s hard enough as it is shipping kids out the door to school on time, packing lunch boxes, working full/part time and keeping things on track to have a presentable home.  Designing a home/room, organising trades and selecting finishes, could take months to complete.  The last thing you want to load onto your fork is sorting through quotes and finding the right person for each project.  A designer has knowledge of all resources that will be needed for the project at their finger tips and will save you endless hours of time in research alone.


My husband gets sentimental about framed rugby jerseys, likes bulky leather couches and a rustic industrial look.  I’m more of a modern country type of girl and like sofas on sophisticated legs and lots of cushions with pretty patterns.  If you and your partner disagree about the style of your couch or whether you should have an underground cellar, an interior designer might just save your marriage and serve as compass to the most beneficial outcome!


colour selection interior design
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A designer can give you a solid plan of action after assessing the task at hand.  This will give you an order and timeline for tasks to be completed so that you have guidelines for the sequence of the project.  This will assist you in tile selection, floor covering, colour of your walls and furnishings and make sure these are finished in a timely fashion and work together as a whole.


living_room_layouts interior design
Image Source

Not only does an interior designer create a space that’s pleasing to the eye and set a desired mood, but they make sure that it’s functional, safe and efficient and enhance the living and working environment.  A designer offers an extra set of eyes that are trained to see and notice things that you may not.  They have the ability to find unique solutions to problems that you might not have dealt with before.  It can be difficult to trust a designer if you like to dictate exactly what you want and aren’t capable of accepting alternative solutions.  It’s best to take advantage of someone that has many years of experience under the belt and, by working together as a team, will have the best outcome for your home.


Dealing with trades can be frustrating at the best of times.  You will need to understand the plans and know exactly what you want, as they will ask you questions that you haven’t even thought of!  You have to know the size and thickness of tiles, whether they’re interior or exterior tiles, the size of windows/doors, the profile on kitchen doors, the type and size of oven, the placement of power points, the type of timber floor, whether it will be installed over existing floor….The list is endless and you will need either plenty of wine or an interior designer to convey the hopes of dreams you have for your home, to the builders/trades.  Money well spent, I’d say!


mood board hamptons french feminine


Interior Designers have many tricks up their sleaves…  They not only have to come up with possible layout solutions for a space, but also help their client visualise the end result.  Luckily, with the help of computer programs such as Rivet, Google SketchUp and Photoshop, the entirety of the room can be seen in a completed state.  Add to that a mood board with samples of your flooring, all textiles, such as cushions, rugs and upholstery, as well as pictures of furniture and colour swatches of the rooms, you can already imagine yourself enjoying your new home.


open plan kitchen dining interior design
Image Source

We all know that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, but an interior designer will give you advice on moving or knocking down walls to connect areas and create a more modern and open plan style of living.  Value boosters, such as adding windows in the bathroom, creating that extra bedroom and type of lighting that’s installed, are all helpful alterations that would benefit your pocket greatly when selling your home.

You know where to get hold of us for your next project  🙂

Cheerio ’til next time!

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Six Things that Date your Home Instantly

Sometimes, we get so used to our homes, that we don’t see the gold plated light fittings,  ceramic door knobs and beige trims any more.  If you’ve been living in your home for quite some time, you might not realise that time has moved on and it could be a good idea to take a critical look at your home again.   Here are a few things that has changed since your last home update 10 years ago:


drab to fab splashback
Image Source

Your kitchen splashback with pretty border might have been at the height of fashion when you moved into your home, but the contrasting colour cuts your walls in half, making the ceiling seem lower than it actually is. To modernise your kitchen, a stone mosaic tile in herringbone pattern, or subway tiles that extend all the way to the ceiling, will open things up instantly!


drab to fab pendants
Image Source

If your house was built in the eighties, there’s a good chance you’ve got small frosted pendant lights or something awful with a gold plated finish hanging over your kitchen counter.   For a more timeless look, go for something more substantial to balance out the size of the counter.  Glass (not frosted!) and steel is a great combination, or an antique brass finish, copper or nickel will update your room instantly. This is not an expensive exercise, as the cables are already there.


drab to fab kitchen cupboards
Image Source

Maple and oak wood-stained cabinets with ornate carvings or round timber handles will give your kitchen an aged appearance.  Luckily, we know the magic paint can do, so a lick of paint and new modern handles will already make a big difference.  A combination of dark cabinets for the bottom and a lighter colour on top will show that you have a newfound knowledge of the style of a modern kitchen.


Drab to Fab niknacks
Image Source

A lot of us love collecting ceramics and china and other dust collectors to show off in our homes.  Ornaments are a great way to make your home feel lived in and homely, showing part of your personality.  Unfortunately, as with all things in life, there’s a right way, and a wrong way to do things.  Edit your collection as much as possible and part ways with outdated statues and children’s craft.  Group similar items and leave plenty of negative space for the eyes to take a breather.  Put the rest of your items behind closed doors and rotate the display seasonally.


drab to fab furniture
Image Source

Prints and patterns go in and out of fashion constantly and can make a room look dated and busy.  If you’re buying a big ticket item like a sofa, it’s best to stick to something neutral that will always be fashionable.  An accent chair in a bolder pattern, cushions and a rug is a safer way to inject colour and pattern into your room.


drab to fab curtains
Image Source

Floral curtains, like the ones the older generation adore, are a big culprit when it comes to dated decorating.  The current trend is to allow plenty of light in and create a sense of airiness in the home.  If you would like something different, try a pattern that’s very subtle in a neutral colour or a textured curtain instead.  These won’t clash with anything in the room and make the space appear bigger.

Good luck and enjoy your home editing!

Cheerio ’til next time!

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Quick Décor Tip – Exterior paint

Quick tips, exterior paint colour rules
Image Source

We all love to have a home that will stand out and make an impact in our street.  To have a modern and sleek look, remember to stick to the Three Colour Rule:  Have one colour for walls, one for trim and one for accents.  These colours should all complement each other and match tonally.  If you’re still struggling and not finding help at the Bunnings counter, send us an email and we could do a full exterior colour consult with specification list for your painters.

Cheerio ’til next time!

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Quick Décor Tip – Why Neutral isn’t Boring!


quick tips caramel palette
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Contrary to belief, neutral colours aren’t boring!  Starting with creamy neutrals, camel brown or caramels, you will have a base to add any colour to!  Try buttery yellows or a touch of teal with your base palette and see what a difference it makes.  Bringing in a few playful colours will add personality and heighten the sophisticated feel in your home.

Quick tips neutral and teal
Image Source

Cheerio ’til next time!

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