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Which Floor Suits what Style of Kitchen?

As if selecting a new floor for your kitchen isn’t hard enough, you have to keep in mind the size of the tile, width of the floor plank, how it will withstand spills and marks, and the end result or mood you want to achieve.  Today, we’ll touch on the 3 most popular finishes and which style of kitchen would work best with them.


Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the material of choice for many new homes and gives a contemporary feel to a space.  It’s a great accompaniment to industrial style kitchens, but the grey undertones could easily look too cold and uninviting for the area that’s meant to be the heart of the home.  Luckily, this can be remedied by bringing in rich tones to balance out the cool greys.  Timber cabinetry or even small touches of natural elements such as wooden spoons, cutting boards or timber stools can chase away the sterility of the cold hardness of a concrete floor.  To impart a more industrial edge, try an exposed brick wall to entirely steal the show!  Combine this with black taps and appliances and you have a winner.


You’d think that pairing timber flooring with timber cabinets, would have the same cringe worthy effect as denim on denim (and even that’s back in fashion big time!)  The beauty of timber flooring is that you could go as sleek and modern, or as traditional as you like.  Timber flooring has a timeless elegance that would go with anything and can be moulded into any style that takes your fancy.  If you want to combine timber cabinets with your timber floor, make sure that the timber tones don’t clash.  If you prefer darker timber cabinets, use the darkest shade in your timber floor as contrast.  Another way to reach visual panache (sounds fancy, doesn’t it) is to combine your timber floor with white or black cabinets and a marble look benchtop.  This combination would suit the more classic styles like Modern Country, Hamptons or even a Beachy look perfectly.  Add a bowl of fruit and fresh flowers and your design is complete!


Tiled floors give you freedom in a sense that other flooring finishes could never achieve.  Options in shape, size, colour and patterns are limitless and because of it’s ability to mimic other surfaces such as concrete or timber, the visual effect they can create are endless. You can create any design tile you like.  If you’re all about drama, apply patterned or coloured tiles.  Just take special care with your splashback when you have a screamer of a floor.  Dim the splashback down with neutral or white patterned tiles, rather than adding another colour.  Alternatively, if you’re more of a traditional girl, there’s nothing wrong with the more understated tile varieties, which can also pack a punch if used correctly.

If this stage of your renovation is still doing your head in, you might need a visit to a tile or timber floor specialist with us!  You know where to find us 🙂

Cheerio ’til next time!

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Our renovation has finally come to an end.  We can now move freely around our home without leaving muddy tread marks all over the timber floors, we’re cooking in the kitchen instead of the garage and the bar has had an initiation of note!  It’s time to reveal the much anticipated new extension.  We’re extremely happy with the end result and can’t believe we can finally share the first images of the exterior.  Next week, we’ll show you how the interior of the new extension turned out.

Image by Blue Poppy Photography

Image by Blue Poppy Photography

If you’ve missed the renovation in other parts of our home, follow the links below for a catch up:

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See you next week for the reveal of the interior of the new extension.

Cheerio ’til next time!

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Is pink too girly for an accent colour?

My husband will surely threaten to move out if I would suggest pink as my accent colour in our house. To be honest, 10 years ago I would never have thought of it either. Gradually pink was introduced into fashion as a very soft accent colour and we all got used to adults wearing pink again. If you walk into any clothing store now, the coral pink shade will be seen everywhere. I took my 15 year old daughter for her summer shopping last weekend. (Gosh, hard on the feet, hard on the wallet and even more challenging on the patience…) I only realised afterwards how many pink and white clothes she bought. Even the accessories were rose gold and black. So pink is here to stay for a while. Remember how surprised we all were when grey was announced as the new white? Hands up, how many of you love grey now?!

If you do it correctly, pink can be an amazing decor colour to work with. Add shades of grey and black to ground it, and you will have a romantic and relaxing room. It’s important to use the correct pinks though. Not baby pink or fluoro pink. Look at the style board below we delivered to a client this week. She wanted a contemporary Scandi look, with some pink accent colours. We gave her a few style boards with many options. It turned out beautifully.

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As you can see above, the furniture pieces are all neutral. They form the base of the design and now we just need to add pink accent pieces. The client can now change the cushions, throws and artwork if she wants to inject a different colour in the future. As soon as all the furniture has arrived, we will go shopping for the accent pink accessory pieces. (She was so happy with the furniture, she ordered everything within 24 hours of receiving her design!)

how to decorate with pink, pink decor, pink accent colour, decor blog, decor tips , pink decor tips, best decor blog australia, interior designers sydney, hills district interior designer

As pink will make a statement, you only need to add a few pieces to pull off a beautiful design. Pink works best with a Scandinavian, French or Contemporary design style. Don’t buy a lot of pink furniture, but one statement piece like a sofa or accent chair that can become a great talking point. Especially because people might not expect you to be so bold!


Above is another style board of a living room we recently created for a client. Wallpaper installation etc only happens in two weeks from now, but soon, we will be able to show you how this room has turned out. A beautiful baroque styled living room with pink and gold accents. We ordered a stunning bright pink velvet sofa… can’t wait to show you! You can see how the two clients both chose pink, but the style and design is completely different!

In the beginning of 2016 pink (Rose Quartz) was actually announced as the Pantone colour of the year, together with a soft beautiful blue called Serenity. Read our previous blog about these colours.

how to decorate with pink, pink decor, pink accent colour, decor blog, decor tips , pink decor tips, best decor blog australia, interior designers sydney, hills district interior designer

Be brave and see if you can pull off a pink room somewhere in your house! A quick way to add pink is to buy a huge bunch of pink flowers (maybe lily’s?) and place them on your dining room or coffee table. Add small pink accessories on your coffee table like a tray, vase or small ornament. Personally, I am still far away from painting a wall pink or to buy a pink rug.

Pink is playful, romantic and very relaxing at the same time.

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney


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Lyndie’s Renovation, Phase 2: THE EXTERIOR

We have a great arrangement with our neighbours.  When they go on holiday, we look after their dog and have use of their beautiful pool.  Our kids usually couldn’t wait for them to go away and when they were little, they would put on their goggles and swimwear, open the blinds in their room for the world to see, and watch the neighbours pack their car for the holiday.  Understandably, this became a bit embarrassing at times, so we thought we should consider putting in our own pool, just to give our neighbours a rest 🙂


Of course, putting a pool into a small backyard, isn’t as easy as you might think.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll show you a few obstacles we’ve had work around, as well as how the extension of our home has progressed.  Have a look at the First Phase, to see a bit of background of the area we live in, the history of our house and what we’ve planned for the entire project.  For now, we’ll start with our plans for the backyard and what it looked like before we started…

renovation new extension


Renovation removal of roof


renovation privacy hedge


Renovation landscaping Proposed plan for extension

To see what we’ve done to the interior, follow the links below:

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Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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What Tradies do you need for a Bathroom Reno?

If you’re a newbie at bathroom renovation, there are a few people you need on your side before you begin.  They will all be equally important in the steps you take to a beautiful bathroom, so treat them well!


Trades for batrhoom interior designer
Image Source

That’s us!  If you’re thinking about changing the layout to make it more suitable or functional for your needs, get a professional to help you at the planning phase.  It might be a bit more costly changing the plumbing around, but will work out better in the long run.  Any changes will be beneficial in increasing your enjoyment while spending time in this small little space.


Unless you can do this job yourself, a licenced plumber will be your best friend during this renovation.  He can change the layout of pipes, install beautiful tapware, showers and gorgeous freestanding baths.


Another step not to be missed for a successful renovation.  The waterproofer applies a membrane in your wet area, ensuring no water leaks to other areas.  Make sure he hands you a waterproofing certificate as proof that everything is up to scratch.


Trades for bathroom tiler
Image Source

A quality tiler is essential in a great bathroom renovation.  Tiles need to be sloped towards drains to ensure water doesn’t run out the door.  They also need to be equally spaced, applied with the correct colour grout and feature walls or niches need to look top notch.  Good tilers are usually pretty busy, so make sure you book them well in advance.


trades for bathroom cabinetmaker
Image Source

Today, there are many custom options for cabinets available, but if you need a bathroom cabinet to fulfil you storage dreams or fit a specific space, this is one trade you’ll certainly need!


You might think that water and electricity don’t mix, but your extractor fans, lighting, power points and heated towel rail will need proper connection.  A qualified, licenced electrician is the best man for this job.


Getting all trades to line up in sequence to finish a renovation in under 3 weeks (or 6 months!) could be a challenge for most.  To make things a bit easier, book a bathroom builder to do the hard stuff for you.  It might be more costly, but it will safe you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Read our blogs Lyndie’s Ensuite Bathroom renovation or Eight Tips on getting the Kinks out of a Bathroom Renovation, before you start knocking down walls.

Cheerio ’til next time!

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Decor tip: Best colours to use with exposed brick

When my kids were 3 and 6 years old, we bought a house with exposed bricks almost everywhere inside. (Of course, that was many moons ago…and so out of fashion then) There were bricks everywhere…and not the nice Industrial ones.  To me it felt dark, unfinished and cold. Also, my kids literally hurt themselves running down the passage and scraping their arms and knees against the wall by accident. So I spent a heap of money to have it all rendered. Those were the days before exposed brick was labelled as being “vintage, industrial and architectural.” I sometimes wonder if I would do it again today? I can just imagine how the current owners now spend a fortune to get the exposed brick back again!

Nowadays exposed brick is very popular.   Finally you now have an amazing exposed brick wall. Now you need to find out how to dress it perfectly. Exposed bricks are robust and strong. The room can quickly feel overpowered by a brick feature. Most times it is also in a house with strong architectural features. That’s why you need a strong colour to complement the brick and make the whole room feel balanced. The best colours to use with exposed brick are the three primary colours. Red, blue and yellow, but I also want to add green as an option. All four colours can stand on their own, are strong and easy to work with. Make sure you use them in a tone that is uplifting and bright.

exposed brick, red chest, vintage decor, decor tips, industrial look, paint tips
Image source

It is better to use strong and bright tones and not soft pastels or dark tones. Your furniture will compete with the brick and soft colours can disappear if not used correctly. Stay away from darker brown paints, except if you know what you are doing and feeling very confident! It is not impossible to work with the last, but a bit tricky.

exposed brick, yellow furniture, chevron cushion, timber table
Image source

You can also use neutral tones as far as possible, and just add spots of colour to make it interesting.

exposed brick, blue chair, decor tips, industrial look, paint tips
Image source

Sometimes the most basic colours, are the easiest to work with. This is also your chance to experiment with a bright and colourful sofa. It is important that you add a lot of textured finishes to soften the walls. Cushions, rugs, throws and art work should be used in layers. Read our previous blog to find some layering tips. If your room still feels “cold” in stead of cozy, it’s probably because you did not add enough soft furnishing.

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney

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Two-Tone Kitchens: Still in fashion nor not?

In recent years many clients have chosen two-tone kitchens. This means two or more colours are paired together when choosing your kitchen cupboards.  Although many are excited to try something different than the usual, most are still concerned that it is just a phase that will pass and soon two tone kitchens will be out of fashion. Although none of us can predict the future, it is common knowledge that unusual or trendy features do sometimes get overused and eventually old-fashioned because everyone can remember “what era it was in fashion”. So should you do it or not?

two tone kitchens yes or no

Like all interior finishes, as long as you choose timeless combinations, it will last a long time. Today I will show you how I think one can choose two tone kitchens, but still stick to Interior Design guidelines to make it long lasting and successful. Nobody wants to replace their kitchen every 5 years! (Or should I say “should”? Of course we will if we can!)


A neutral palette will not easily go out of fashion ever and is easy on the eye. So if you don’t go overboard and stick to combinations of tones of black, white, timber or greys, it should work for years. Larger kitchens are better candidates for two tones than smaller kitchens. A small kitchen can quickly look very busy and looses it’s clean and modern look if there are “too much going on”.

two tone kitchens, yes or no, kitchen renovation, black and white kitchen
Image source



Two tones look better if it is grouped together. For example: Bottom vs top cupboards, island vs back cupboards etc. It looks less busy than mixing colours and textures in the same block. In the image below you will see how dark timber and white doors are combined in the same row under the window. This makes the kitchen look very busy. Even the island is two toned. In the end it is a personal choice, and I am just giving my opinion!

two tone kitchens, yes or no, kitchen renovation,
Image source



It’s hard to go wrong with white and timber. A classic, neutral combination that meets seamlessly. I have used this in my own Kitchen Renovation recently.

two tone kitchens, yes or no, kitchen renovation, timber and white kitchen, scandanavian kitchen, nordic kitchen desiign
Image source



Yes, we all adore the copper phase at the moment. We find that most of our clients always want to use teals or blues in their home when they decorate. However, be careful to choose any colour that tends to be a fashion statement or that’s a bit overpowering. It will dominate your living space, as most of us have open living areas lately. These bold colours will also restrict you in what colours you can use in the rest of your home, as the kitchen is fixed and it costs a lot of money to change.

two tone kitchens, yes or no, kitchen renovation, copper kitchen, modern kitchen, black and timber kitchen
Image source



Certain design styles absolutely begs for your kitchen to have certain colours, but added softly and with great taste. Good examples are country, french, beach and provincial styles. By adding some soft tones in greys, mint or blues, you can complement the style in the rest of your home and add warmth to your kitchen. Especially when you use the shaker style doors and a painted effect on the cupboard doors. It should not be overpowering and you must have the right combination of cupboards and flooring too.

two tone kitchens, yes or no, kitchen renovation, country kitchen, french provincial kitchen, green mint kitchen
Image source



With so many kitchens now having a free standing island in the middle of the kitchen, this is a great way to accentuate your island bench top. By adding a splash of colour to the cupboards or panels of your island bench, you can add a lot of quirkiness to your kitchen’s design. Also, if you want to change it in the future, you only need to upgrade your island bench and not the rest of your kitchen as well.

blue island kitchen, kitchen renovations, interior designers sydney hills districit
Image source

With so many images available on the internet, Pinterest and Instagram, it is easy to get confused on what can work and what not. Don’t be overwhelmed. Gather as many images as you can, and see if you can find the trend in what images you like the most. Be sure you also match the flooring, as that can totally change the look of your kitchen.

Happy decorating,

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney





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