If you are running out of steam with stingier décor items the closer you move to your outdoor areas, this blog is for you! For reasons only beknown to you (whether financial, not so perfect weather, lack of knowledge or confidence), the backyard usually becomes the most neglected area of your home. In Australia, with more days perfect that not, I reckon it’s completely unacceptable. You don’t need much inspiration, as you have the sky as your ceiling, lawn as your carpet and fences or hedges as your walls. See! Now that you can see your “room”, whether it’s big or small, the next steps are easy! We know everybody is time poor, so in this blog we’re giving you a few links to a great online shopping experience.


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Outdoor furniture has come a long way from painted, rock hard, cast iron benches and plastic chairs as your only options. Rattan furniture, upholstered lounge suites and accent chairs can withstand the Australian sun, but look as elegant as if it could be part of your indoor living room furniture. On top of that, the range of outdoor cushions and rugs are astonishing and decorating in the colour scheme of your choice, a certainty. At this stage, I dare say, you may be running out of excuses for not having an awesome outdoor room! Find yourself that perfect outdoor lounge set and treat the area like you would an indoor living room. Pile on some cushions, provide a table to place drinks and a few lanterns for ambience. If you have a tiled area, an outdoor rug will define the zone and provide another level of texture for this new room.


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You may breathe a sigh of relief when you hear the next few words …” Outdoor bars will take up almost no space at all!” I know! It’s great news for a small backyard! You can set up an outdoor bar in an area that’s as small as a guest shower (OK maybe that’s taking it too far, but you catch my drift). You’ll need a hall table, or something similar like an outdoor bar set, or even just a funky drinks trolley, add a few chairs and a couple of side tables. The story should never end just there. Jazz it up with plants, colourful glassware, cocktail pitchers, ice buckets and the most important ingredient, champagne!


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I don’t know about you, but my house sometimes burst at the seams when we entertain. All the kids are teenagers now and take up as much space as grownups. They’ve grown out of dinners grazing on small mouthfuls while running around, or seated with a plate on the lap while watching telly. At this age they’ve acquired most of the eating etiquette needed to share a space at the table with the adults. Alfresco dining transports me to exotic destinations like Spain, Portugal or Greece, where outdoor eating is a daily occurrence and friends and family gather in large numbers to consume what’s placed in the centre of the table. A simple arrangement of large table and chairs become a true alfresco dining experience by adding a table cloth, flowers, colourful outdoor dinnerware, water pitchers and candles. Now it’s up to the cook to make those exotic dreams come true…


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There’s been a lot of talk about entertaining and cooking and making cocktails… it’s all starting to sound like too much arduous work. What if you could turn your backyard into a space where you can hide from the family (and friends)? A space where you could have peace, possibly reading a book while gently drifting off to sleep? Really, you’ve never thought a space like that could exist?! It’s simple, just tie a hammock between two trees, get your blankie and book and settle in. If you don’t have two trees, get a hammock with a stand, or tie an egg chair to a tree branch. If that sounds too complicated, you’re overthinking it.


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Fire has been one of the most significant achievements of humankind and we’ve been entranced by it ever since. I don’t know of one person who doesn’t long to stare into an open fire for hours, mesmerised by its’ flickering shapes and colours. It makes meat taste different, provide hours of entertainment and contribute to a cosy sense of togetherness when shared. Is it easy to achieve? Well, I don’t want to state the obvious, but you’ll probably need some matches, wood and marshmallows. The rest is even simpler. An outdoor firepit could do the trick, some seating in the style you love and if you must know, my preference is a full bodied red wine, thank you.

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Good Luck!

Lyndie & Eriana

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