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5 Kitchen gadgets you haven’t thought of

Are you busy planning your new kitchen? There are so many new kitchen gadgets on the market, but they are all rather expensive. In the end you need to spend money where it may improve the way you use your kitchen within your daily routine.

Here are a few gadgets that are not necessarily new, but we’ve seen how they’ve really added value to clients’ kitchen design.


There are many awkward little corners and gaps when a kitchen is in the design process. It’s always a good idea to use standard measurements as far as possible, but once in a while you end up with these little areas that are really messing with your design layout. So why not use them as fillers? We are talking about the very under rated pull out spice rack. We love using them on both sides of a stove, but also in between bigger cupboards to create symmetry or add interest. You can fill them with spices, cutting boards or oils.

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Sometimes the layout of the kitchen doesn’t allow a lot of bench top space. For those busy days in the kitchen you can always use an extra pull out work surface. It’s hidden when not needed, but will give you that extra bench top space for placing utensils or food while preparing dinner.

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Yes, the brother of a pull out work surface. A great feature when you have (messy) kids that don’t know how to contain breadcrumbs! You can gather them during the day, and empty the tray at the end of the day.

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You don’t need special cupboards for this luxury, and it can be ordered online from various stores. Again, it saves you bench top space and prevent spilling your glass of wine over your tablet while preparing dinner. (Been there, done that!) You can now watch Netflix or follow a recipe without having to search for your tablet on the bench top.

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Only if you have a galley kitchen you can escape those nasty corner cupboards. There are a few solutions on the market, and yes, they are all a bit expensive. They are well worth spending money on as you loose a lot of real estate when you have unused cupboards in your kitchen. This design is our favourite, when you don’t even realise it’s a corner cupboard.

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We design and install at least one kitchen per month. There are many similarities between some kitchens, but in the end each client has their own style, different available layout space, a different budget and a unique way on how their family use the kitchen and living space areas. We work with the family’s needs as it is now, but we also think about what the family might need in 5 or 10 years from now. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is expensive. If you get this wrong, you might feel disappointed about your whole renovation process. It’s important to look at the architecture and style of the rest of the house when designing a kitchen.

Happy renovating,

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Does size really matter? How to Pick the Right Side Table

So you’ve just purchased your gorgeous new sofa and can’t wait to finish your room with side tables, a rug and coffee table.  Luckily, side tables are easy, they don’t really matter as they’re tucked away to the side of the sofa and one can hardly see them… WHAT?!  Come again?  OK, all jokes aside… Finding the perfect side table requires patience, quite a few shopping hours (preferably without your husband), sometimes a few tears and lots of planning.  Side tables are part of your overall room design and you have to make sure that  they don’t distract from your focal point.  They should also be practical and not conflict with the rest of your room design.  Although side tables never get the glory, they whisper of a homeowner that pays attention to little details to create a comfortable, inviting space for guests.

Let me give you a few guidelines to help in your search:


Side tables height
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A side table works best when it’s at the same height as the arm of the sofa it’s next to, or no lower than about 10 centimetres below that.  A standard sofa arm is aroud 60cm high, so aim for a table about that height, or a couple of centimetres lower.  If you can’t find a table you like within your target height range, then rather go for  shorter rather than taller.  Side tables that are taller, look awkward and make for an uncomfortable journey for your arm from sofa to table.


side table size display
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Think about what you would like to place on your side table.  You’ll probably want some soft lighting in the form of a table lamp, you might want to put a book down just before your nanna nap, or most probably a drink if you’re visiting my house.  Side table widths vary greatly, but look for something that would be substantial enough to carry a few items.  Aything smaller that 45cm would be impractical and not in balance with the size of your sofa and coffee table.


side table finish
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There are some beaufitful side tables available today in any style you can imagine.  Matching side tables to your coffee table is fine, but it could create a yawn worthy experience.  This is your chance to create some interesting effects in your living room. Why not go for a metal and marble combination, or steel frame and timber top.  Wire mesh or woven material can add another layer of texture, or you may even find that an interesting, art deco inspired bling table can add a touch of sophistication that had been lacking in the room.


In general, lounge rooms have a lot of rectangular shapes.  They’re found in the frames of art works, the rug, the shape of the sofa, as well as most coffee tables.  Adding round side tables is a no fail way to soften the overall look of your lounge room.


side table shape
Image Source

Your side tables do not need to match the coffee table.  I know it’s probably the easier option to just go out and buy the whole set (especially when shopping with your husband and you want the experience to be over and done with :)) It’s important to carefully consider each piece, as they will impact the room differently.  If you want to have harmony and balance with a touch of “WOW”, take a little time with your shopping, even if it means leaving hubby at home.

Cheerio ’til next time!

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