Eriana and I decided to take turns and share a few personal things about our human selves (not internet/email/FB/Instagram and the like) that only our closest friends and family know.  So here goes…

1.  At school, I considered myself as one of the “cool” kids, because my fringe was peroxided, I wore a huge army jacket, mismatched boots at times (not by accident), a feather earring in one ear and “snow washed” jeans I made myself, with bleach.  How little did I know back then…

Things you didn't know about me P4

2.  I earned my nickname Bles, (“baldy” in English) at school, because of the copious amounts of hair on my head.  My friends, family and even teachers called me by this name.

3.  If I paid more attention in class while studying, I would have been an excellent office administrator today.  Phew, so glad another vocation found me!

Things you didn't know about me P3

4.  I’ve slept on a bale of hay in Israel, in a treehouse in Oludinez, in the desert in Egypt, on a roof in Kusadasi, in a cave in Cappadocia; and in jail in Stratford upon Avon – but only for one night (long story, and not nearly as sinister as you might think).  Basically, what I’m trying to say is, I like my sleep and can do it anywhere.

5.  While travelling, my swimmers resembled something my Grandmother would be more comfortable in.  Wish I had them today.

Things you didn't know about me P5

6.  As a young backpacker living in London, I shared a 3 and a half bedroom house with 21 people – it had only one bathroom.  Today, I share a bathroom with one person and it’s already too many (bathroom is very small, I might add…)

7.  I stole my brother’s best friend and married him.  Water under the bridge… We are talking again.

Things you didn't know about me P1

8.  I’ve fallen off a moped, a horse, a camel and been chased by an ostrich while riding a motorbike.  I was dead sober on all occasions.

Things you didn't know about me P2

9.  Before I had kids, I fearlessly bungee jumped off Victoria Falls, white water rafted down the Zambezi and hitch hiked through Zimbabwe.  Today, heights petrify me and I can’t ski because I’m scared of going too fast.  That’s also my excuse for not taking up running as a sport.

10. Even though I’ve seen a bit of the world and had wonderful experiences, I consider my most precious moments, the ones I spend with my family and close friends.

Cheerio ’til next time!


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