Today I will show you why I am so disappointed with one of my favourite renovation programs on Channel 9 – Are they taking us for a ride?

This week there were three ex-blockhead couples competing for a final spot on this year’s THE BLOCK reality show.  Each team was given $10,000 to renovate and install one bedroom. This is where I get unhappy… If you see the final result of the rooms (which were awesome), you realise that there’s no chance in hell that you can create such a room on a $10,000 budget. I will proof it to you in a minute…

Firstly, it upsets me as an Interior Designer, as my client can’t understand why I am unable to create a beautiful space such as that for under $10,000. Secondly, it makes people think that, for a small amount of money, they can transform their homes into a space as if out of a magazine, but if they try to copy it they can’t get it right.


Let’s have a look at Bec and George’s lovely room:


I absolutely loved it. Now let’s go to the Official Channel 9 BLOCK SHOP and see the retail prices of some of these products as of today:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.36.25 PM

If you add these products from their site together, (which show only SOME of the products in their room), it comes to a whopping $5,385.

BUT WAIT!!! Look at the image above, and the images below, and you will notice a few other items…


Beautiful timber chevron floors & a rug…



Does anyone notice smoky mirrored cupboard doors? Or bedding.. or a bed?? Yes?

So these are the items I see that still needs to be added to the $5,385:

  • timber floor
  • mirrored cupboard doors
  • new cupboards (behind the doors)
  • paint for the whole room
  • new bedding for the bed
  • a new bed
  • new bedhead
  • a rug on the floor
  • custom made bedside tables from timber and cement
  • custom made flower pot with real gold inserted
  • plant
  • brand new curtains
  • gyprock
  • What about the cost of tradies? (E.g. Electrician & Carpenter)

So if you add all of the above… do you agree that this room cost more than $10,000?

I assume Channel 9 will now say the Blockheads get discount vouchers, etc. But please Channel 9, then be honest with the viewers so that they don’t think they can create such a look on a budget of $10,000.

Anyway, I will be watching again this week… because I love the show and like the dramas. There will however, be a bitter taste in my mouth, because the program is becoming less of a reality show about actual renovations and more about the drama around 8 people living together under extremely stressful circumstances for 10 weeks.

(By the way, I would have been so p*****  if I were the ex-blockheads that were invited back to the show, not knowing beforehand, that they still needed to go through an elimination round to be part of this year’s BLOCK. What do you think?)


Enjoy your week!

eriana bredenhann


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