For once, forget your budget or priorities. Today you will learn how to “prepare to shop” for accessories. These small, random little items around your house never get the acknowledgement they should. You can have the best furniture, expensive rugs and beautiful art work, but you need to add stylish accessories to “pull it all together’, or your home might look soulless, empty or lacking in personality.

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Be prepared. We all have smartphones. Open the notebook app. Now walk around every room in the house and make a list of every corner that needs an ornament, candle, book or plant. Don’t think about priorities or your bank balance. Think like a designer! You’re not spending anything yet. Take a photo of each room and store it on your phone. Grab a measuring tape and measure your display shelves, the size of your coffee table, the size of your sofas and tables. Make a quick hand drawing if necessary and scan it into your phone. Now keep a paper made measuring tape in your handbag. Like forever. (Grab one from IKEA or buy one in the needlecraft section at your local shop.) It weighs nothing. Now you’re ready to hit the shops. Most of the time we see what we like when we don’t expect it, but now you can grab your paper measuring tape and notebook app on your phone whenever you spot an accessories you like. This will help you to never buy the wrong size (or colour!) again.


Trends change. Your grandmother’s old trinkets stored in the shed, or some childhood toy might suddenly be your latest find. Walk through your house and think what items can be re-used in a different, funky way. Maybe you should move some accessories in your bedroom to your living room for a change.  I constantly move ornaments, cushions and rugs from one room to the other. This makes everything feel fresh again.  Don’t forget the power of books. Invest in a few decor books for your coffee table or hobby books in your book shelf. Can you reframe old photographs? Maybe paint all the frames black? Can you repaint a vase or candle holder? Pack out cupboards you haven’t opened for a long time and see if there is not maybe a hidden gem. Especially kitchen cupboards. You might find a beautiful glass vase you have forgotten all about. Bring some greenery into your home. Succulents grow easily, so bring the outside inside.


There are beautiful affordable trinkets available from home ware stores. However, do not only buy small accent pieces. Also invest in at least two to three more expensive focal pieces per room. You need to have a good combination to keep it tasteful. Every room needs at least one conversation piece. It might not be extremely expensive, but should have some character or a history.

Now off you go, start measuring and taking those photos!

Happy decorating,

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