Nowadays everything is online. You can even get online interior designers! You just email a few photos of your room and someone emails you back a list of furniture choices for your space. For busy clients or people living remotely, this is definitely an option. Well, this is not what we do.

 My dad once told me: “Not everybody can be your client. You have to decide who they are, and focus on them.”

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So here’s why we don’t like to be online interior designers:

1.  We like the personal contact with clients

  • We like sharing jokes and chatting about their daily activities. This way we get to know them and can assist them better in creating a personal design.

2.  Photographs alone do not give you a good enough indication of a client’s style and home

  • It’s only by walking through their whole house that you can define their style, see what other items you can also use in the design and understand a bit more about their daily routines and how they utilise all the spaces in their home.

3.  Clients don’t always know what they’re after

  • They could tell you online they want the French Provincial style, but when you visit their home and have time to ask many questions, you might realise they are actually after a French Country style. There are many confusing terminology in design and many facts can get lost in translation by only communicating via email or Skype.

4. We want to help the client make all their rooms work together

  • We might still only work in one room, but we can make suggestions on how to pull the design through to other rooms in their home, by using their existing furniture or add a few accessories. We can even advise the client on how to swop around a few rooms to give a better spatial layout for their home. This won’t be possible if you only work online.

5. We are designers not online shop assistants

  • For clients that are time poor and they are in need of specific furniture, e-decorating might be the answer. Our team doesn’t only help with decorating issues like choosing cushions and furniture etc, but we also focus on how each room works together with all the other rooms in the house. Each project includes a few personal design meetings before any shopping trip kicks off.

Many times clients invite us to do one room, then a few months later another few rooms, and then a few years later a whole new renovation when they move house or get a big fat bonus. For us each interior design client is a potential long term professional relationship. Working with someone’s budget and in their personal space at home, is a privilege and we feel proud to be trusted with their dreams.

So next time when you want to replace your furniture, we can help you with a “real life” shopping trip to our very own suppliers, or we can come to your home and create your dream space.

Until next time,

eriana bredenhann interior designers hills district sydney

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