What to do if your budget and taste are miles apart? How do you add a bit of champagne style to your living space, without breaking the budget? Is it possible to add only a few affordable items, but instantly add lux to your room? Let’s give it a go!


Not your usual colour? I know, I feel the same way! It took me years to realise that a little touch of gold actually complements most styles and just give your room that extra flair. Be careful not to overdo it. It could just be a lamp, a mirror or if you are brave, a coffee table. Gold complements black and white really well and might make your other furniture pieces look just a little bit more expensive.

how to add glam to your living room



Girls, this is a great excuse to add a huge bunch of pretty flowers to your weekly shopping list.  (If your hubby is not so consistent in spoiling you with flowers…) A huge vase with flowers looks dramatic & expensive and draws the eye away from less expensive furniture. Put it in front of a mirror to make it look even double in size. If your budget is tight, invest in a plant with flowers like a peace lily or orchids. A once off expense, but a lifetime of use.

how to add glam to your living room flowers in entrance hall



Any oversized painting or canvas gives the first impression of being expensive. You will instantly add drama & confidence to the room. It draws attention to the art work, and less focus on the rest of your (possibly) non impressive and low budget living room. Have a look at these sites for affordable, but impressive art and canvasses: ART FINDER,  URBAN ROAD & VICTORIA LANE ART.

how to add glam to your living room OVERSIZED BIG ART WORK IN LIVING ROOM



If your budget is tight, invest in only one wall and make sure it has a striking pattern or maybe a shiny texture. It adds drama and sophistication to your room. Good rooms to experiment in will be an Entrance Hall, Powder Room or Dining Room.

how to add glam to your living room WALLPAPER ENTRANCE HALL



Footy season is here, so many of us won’t have husbands available for Saturday jobs around the house… DIY wall panels are really easy to install. Your local hardware store sells timber, nails and paint. Figure out how to cut the timber straight! Measure twice, cut once. There is not a more rewarding way to instantly make a room feel more elegant, sophisticated and expensively styled.

how to add glam to your living room diy wall panels

how to add glam to your living room diy wall panels



Yes, the one tip we hate! This is the best way to make your home feel stylish, clean and expensive. I know with kids this may be a challenge, but even if you just choose one living space to be your sanctuary, you’re already half way there. Recently I told you about this amazing book, that helped me transform my house to a clutter free zone. (Read more on how to tidy your house once, and never again!)

how to add glam to your living room

Most of us don’t have the budget we need to decorate our homes like we want to. It does not mean we should do nothing. Little by little, step by step, we can work towards our final goal. For most beautiful homes in magazines, it took years of gathering and savings to get to that point.

Happy decorating,

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