Colour is a real mood changer. (Okay, wine and chocolates too!) Have you noticed how many blue painted walls are in decor magazines lately? I have never been brave enough to paint one of my own walls blue. I am not a fan of light blue walls myself, but the darker toned paints, leaning towards navy, I do find interesting, calming and almost dramatic. They say, once you’ve changed over to the other side… you never want to have neutral walls again! .

Start slowly, choose one room or one wall to experiment with. Make sure the other furniture in the room are mostly neutral so you don’t need to stress about matching colours too. Make sure you have other blue accents in your room like cushions or ornaments to pull it all together.

We’ve said it before: Don’t think you always have to follow all the traditional interior decorating rules. Sometimes you have to break a few rules and be brave and think outside the box.  Your entrance hall is sometimes so neglected. One would think an entrance hall is too small for a dark deep blue? No, not at all! It will add a funky design to your home, with a punch when your guests arrive.

Happy decorating,

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