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How to convince my partner to decorate our home

Let me guess, you have an eye for design and constantly want to try out new things, but your spouse is very happy with all the furniture you’ve had since you got married. He/she doesn’t understand why the cushions you bought 5 years ago are now outdated. Sounds familiar? We’ve got some great ways to get around it, which is probably not always the most conventional ways, and please don’t share this information with anyone else…  1.  REDECORATE WHILE YOUR PARTNER IS AWAY FROM HOME Never complain about a boys’ weekend or if your partner needs to go on...

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PROJECT: Hotel Lux Bathroom

 1.   BEFORE If you have three teenage boys, the last thing you expect is a clean, tidy and luxury hotel like feeling in the bathroom. Always fighting for space, this was an overcrowded uninviting three-way bathroom. When you reach the top of the stair case, the first thing you notice is this ”open plan” bathroom. Our client wanted the first impression upstairs to have a drastic change.  2.  CONCECPT DEVELOPMENT So we decided to create a hotel luxury feeling in this three way main bathroom.  The gold taps were imported from Italy and the stunning black and gold...

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PROJECT: New Mexican Kitchen

 1.   BEFORE Sometimes we meet a client that pushes the boundaries even more than we do! Her kitchen was outdated and didn’t fit in with the rest of her quirky home. We were given the challenge to come up with a kitchen design with a Mexican twist, but still make the kitchen timeless and add value to the resale value of her home in the future.   2.  CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT The new kitchen was installed on top of the existing timber floors. We chose dark timber laminated cupboards to contrast the natural timber floor. The client wanted blue hand...

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PROJECT: French Bathroom with gold accents

 1.   BEFORE “I want to feel like I am in a hotel in Paris” – these were the words of our client. So we ripped out the old Federation styled bathroom and added some beautiful French inspired gold accents.  2.  CONCECPT DEVELOPMENT We removed everything and then replaced it with French inspired textured neutral tiles from Di Lorenzo Tiles and gold finished taps, imported from Italy. Instead of one basin, the client now has two basins with wall mounted gold taps, gold ornate mirrors and gold wall lights.  3.  CONSTRUCTION We were also renovating the other bathroom at...

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In what ORDER do I choose new lighting?

Which light first? Another very confusing question we get from clients. Today we will give you a brief overview on the order in which to choose your lights. Not focussing on style or colour, but just the order of importance to help you make the right decisions. 1.  UTILITY AREAS Yes, you have to choose the boring ones first! They might not be the prettiest, but they are the ones you will switch on the most and they will help you in your daily tasks. Focus on what you will be doing in each room. For e.g. In the...

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