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What is BOHO decor style really like?

What an absolute disaster! I am referring to the latest home reveal on the reality program “HOUSE RULES” that aired this week in Australia. The owners wanted a “BOHO” inspired home, but what the teams came up with made me shiver and pour an extra glass of wine. (Which is actually not a bad thing…) At the end of this Blog are a few photo’s of the contestants’ versions of BOHO. The BOHO style is very “unstructured and loose”, it most definitely has it’s own set of rules to make it work successfully. So if I was to design...

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Equestrian decor in the Hunter Valley – do not miss this shop!

What happened in the Hunter Valley? It has always been one of my favourite weekend break aways, and since my parents moved there (woohoo lucky me!) three years ago, we visit the Hunter Region often. For the past few years if feels as if there is a new shop or vineyard every weekend. The Hunter Valley is transforming big time! We found four new amazing spots just last weekend. Today I will share with you one that is a perfect combination of decor and wine tasting. Yes… when we walked into the cellar door of “The Dark Horse Winery”, the...

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How to Arrange Furniture in your Home

We bet you loved your house when you first decorated. Everything must have seemed new, exciting and well-planned. And what about today? Aren’t you just sick and tired of that old armchair always standing beside the sofa, or the crowded console in the entryway? It would be so great if you could just overhaul the entire house, start all over again and reawaken that first-time-in-your-new home feeling. But what if you don’t have the time and money to tackle a major renovation right now? Would you believe us if we told you that you can change the appearance of...

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Bench tops: Granite vs Engineered Stone

Confused? Most people are! So you’ve designed your new kitchen layout, but all your friends and family have their opinions on whether you should use granite or engineered stone. Hopefully today we will answer a few questions for you. Difference between Granite & Engineered stone: Granite is a natural product that comes from a quarry. Literally a pit in a mountain! So after digging up the stone, it will be sliced into slabs. Slabs from the same block will more or less look the same. Therefore slabs are all categorised & numbered to match them up in case you...

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Monochromatic is not shades of grey

Never make this mistake again! We often find clients saying:”I want a monochromatic colour scheme”. What they mean, is actually a colour scheme with shades of grey. That is actually called “Achromatic.” A monochromatic scheme is a colour scheme with one colour, in many tones. However, this can be ANY colour. Green, yellow, blue or red. A monochromatic colour scheme therefore is not very popular, as most people don’t want only one colour in a room. Here are a few examples of a monochromatic colour scheme in blue and pink. See how that is the only colour used in...

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