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“Kiplings Garage Bar” – Your wine bar and fireplace in Turramurra

We came across Kipling’s Garage Bar after a suggestion from a friend that lives in the local area of Turramurra. Early settlers referred to the area as Eastern Road, until the railway station was built in 1890. This time, we arrive at our destination almost without incident, the only mishap being a slight detour into one way traffic in combination with hysterical giggles and a near miss of a pole in the centre of the road. The Bar’s location is opposite the Turramurra Station. We have a chat with Helen, the owner, to find out about this intimate establishment, which used to be a service station.  The neglected building stood unoccupied for a number of years, before Helen decided to turn it into a lively, modern bar & restaurant.                                       VSD: How did you come across the premises and decide on a wine bar? Having lived in the area for 14 years, we had seen this site go from working, to derelict over time.  We felt there was a need for such a venue in the suburbs, as we noticed that people didn’t necessarily want to travel too far from home or go into the city for entertainment.  Many in this area have young families and this gives them somewhere to go or bring their families.  There...

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Home visit to a child-friendly artist’s home in Neutral Bay

It’s another beautiful winter’s day and we are heading to Neutral Bay, Sydney. We are getting into our comfortable and rather familiar ritual of getting lost on the way and if it wasn’t for the excellent navigational specialist next to me, we would have been in trouble. Scattered among large apartment buildings, we find well kept period homes and hilly, picturesque streets without any sense of overcrowding.  With a distance of only 4km out of the city, we can understand why Dieter and Malindi decided to settle here 7 years ago. We are welcomed into this 100 year old apartment block by a friendly yellow door, the colour that Malindi painstakingly mixed to get closest to her favourite colour, French yellow. This busy household with two active young boys, is well organised, with a place for everything and everything in its place.  Although conveniently located close to the Oakes Hotel for social get togethers, friends and family are always popping by and welcomed with something to drink and a plate of cheese and snacks at the ready. The long hallway, with high ceilings and dark timber flooring, creates a beautiful backdrop for this farm scene which Dieter painted with oil on canvas. Dieter and Malindi collect these dolls and bring one from South Africa every time they go for a visit.  Dieter is a keen painter and started when he was only in primary school.  Most of the artworks in their...

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Dolcettini – A rustic Patisserie heaven in the Hills

As we walk through the door of Dolcettini, we immediately become aware of the homely smell of freshly brewed coffee and hot, buttery pastry.  Even though the patisserie is tucked away on a side street in Dural, they sure don’t have a lack of passing trade through the door! Bianca and her husband, Francesca, opened this shop in 2012, after creating a huge following by setting up market stalls and selling award winning delights. Nowadays, they can hardly keep up with demand and their delicious creations are very well known in the area. We caught up with Bianca in the midst of the bustling trade, to ask about the design and decorating stage of the shop. VSD:  How did you decide on the style of the décor? My husband always wanted an industrial, rustic patisserie and I’ve always loved a more French Provincial and Italian country look (which can be very expensive when done properly).  We had a very tight budget not knowing what to expect from a shop in Dural in a small community.  We found the building to be awkwardly designed and weren’t willing to spend too much on the interior. VSD:  You have some very interesting pieces.  Where did they come from and how long did it take you to collect them? Most pieces were given to me by our parents and friends when they realised what kind of look we were trying to achieve. ...

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How to decorate with Maps

Maps have been around for thousands of years to show us the shape of the world and the lay of the land, but also to get us excited about our next travel destination. In recent years, maps have become a popular way to decorate our homes, adding a touch of worldly flair for the unknown.  Whether it is by choosing a contemporary map for the modern home, or an old world map for the elegant touch, the options are endless.  Find some instant inspiration from these images below. (Image by Design Sponge) Add a wow factor at the entry way by adorning an empty wall with a graphic black and white statement. (Image from Pinterest) An immediate industrial and rustic feel is created as the eye is drawn towards this inversed map image on a white brick background. We think this is a very unique idea for an exposed brick wall! (Image by Design Sponge) Show off your sense of wanderlust with an appealing map wallpaper in pastel colours.  Pick a table in a dominant colour and enjoy the funky effect! (Image from Design Sponge) If you don’t have a secret map stash, look for some vintage maps online or visit antique and second hand stores.  A single map could easily create an environment where adventure is waiting around the corner. It is also a lovely work of art for a rental property. (Image by Sibella Court)...

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