Is Eclectic styling just a chaotic combination of different styles? No it’s not! It’s a real talent to know how to pull off the Eclectic style and even harder to combine it with another style, like Coastal Living. Throwing mismatched furniture pieces together does not make it instantly eclectic. (Well, I need to confess, if my house is chaos and I receive unexpected guests I sometimes tell people I’m working on giving it an eclectic look…)

Now that summer is on it’s way, how can you add a bit of a summer feeling to your eclectic home? Do you want to enjoy your coastal style home and want to add your personal touch, but don’t know how? It’s not true that the Coastal style has to be only white and blue, with rattan and timber. There are so many other influences that work well with the “Coastal laid back look.”


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The eclectic style is not afraid of colour. So add a few contemporary shades of pink and green to your coastal styled home. Add a feature wall here and there to add some pop of colour, or hang some interesting artworks that complement your other furniture. Even if your eclectic treasures are not beach related, they can still be displayed, because you only want a hint of summer reflected in your room.


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Stick to the same beach inspired furniture, but mix old and new accents. A brand new jute rug from Armadillo&Co will look amazing on the floor, but then also add a beautiful display of old mismatched mirrors on the wall. Everybody loves an inviting sofa, ready for you to kick off your sandals and enjoy a fresh minty summer cocktail. You can decorate the sofa with a lovely combination of blue and white cushions, but with a more eclectic pattern. Re-purposed floor boards, chalk painted white furniture & lots of texture is the key to coastal style living. The eclectic style is not afraid to mix old and new though.


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You don’t have to go overboard and only buy beach inspired furniture, rugs or cushions with anchors and shells. As the seasons change, you can add slight accents of that season. During summer you can hang some ornaments that resemble marine timber, have lovely rope finishes or resembles elements of the sea. It does not have to overpower your room, as the Eclectic style wants more than one feature in the room to stand out.

Jason Grant, well-known Sydney based Interior Stylist and lifestyle blogger, is a good example of someone decorating with the typical laid back Coastal style, but using “what you have” to create for yourself a HOLIDAY AT HOME. Have a look at his lovely Bondi Apartment.

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