When my kids were 3 and 6 years old, we bought a house with exposed bricks almost everywhere inside. (Of course, that was many moons ago…and so out of fashion then) There were bricks everywhere…and not the nice Industrial ones.  To me it felt dark, unfinished and cold. Also, my kids literally hurt themselves running down the passage and scraping their arms and knees against the wall by accident. So I spent a heap of money to have it all rendered. Those were the days before exposed brick was labelled as being “vintage, industrial and architectural.” I sometimes wonder if I would do it again today? I can just imagine how the current owners now spend a fortune to get the exposed brick back again!

Nowadays exposed brick is very popular.   Finally you now have an amazing exposed brick wall. Now you need to find out how to dress it perfectly. Exposed bricks are robust and strong. The room can quickly feel overpowered by a brick feature. Most times it is also in a house with strong architectural features. That’s why you need a strong colour to complement the brick and make the whole room feel balanced. The best colours to use with exposed brick are the three primary colours. Red, blue and yellow, but I also want to add green as an option. All four colours can stand on their own, are strong and easy to work with. Make sure you use them in a tone that is uplifting and bright.

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It is better to use strong and bright tones and not soft pastels or dark tones. Your furniture will compete with the brick and soft colours can disappear if not used correctly. Stay away from darker brown paints, except if you know what you are doing and feeling very confident! It is not impossible to work with the last, but a bit tricky.

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You can also use neutral tones as far as possible, and just add spots of colour to make it interesting.

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Sometimes the most basic colours, are the easiest to work with. This is also your chance to experiment with a bright and colourful sofa. It is important that you add a lot of textured finishes to soften the walls. Cushions, rugs, throws and art work should be used in layers. Read our previous blog to find some layering tips. If your room still feels “cold” in stead of cozy, it’s probably because you did not add enough soft furnishing.

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