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After our recent stair renovation, I had a few of these solid timber planks left over.  Mmm, what to do… would prefer to not just chuck it in the bin!  As we love entertaining and always looking for an interesting way to display cheese, desserts or meat, I decided that cutting boards would serve our household well.  Here’s how I did it.


diy timber cutting boards template

  • Handy husband (or know your way around a jigsaw – which I do, but I pretended that I didn’t)
  • sanding paper
  • masking tape
  • paint brush
  • paint
  • wax



Cut a template for your cutting board out of brown paper and place it on the plank for easy tracing. Follow this line with your jigsaw.


diy timber cutting boards patterns

First, sand down the boards to avoid splinters in tongues (not that I have friends that like licking boards, but one can never be too careful – friendship groups tend to evolve).  Create different patterns with masking tape, or use a stencil from your local art shop.  There are endless possibilities, just use your imagination.


diy timber cutting boards painting

Paint the boards in the colour of your choice, you don’t have to stick to just one colour.  I used this aqua colour, as it’s present in a painting that gave direction to the colour scheme throughout our house.


diy timber cutting boards wax

I wanted a bit more depth to the colour of the boards, so I used this dark beeswax to seal it.  A clear version is also available, the only skill you need is elbow grease for this final step.


diy timber cutting boards display

Voila!  How simple was that!  These can be used instead of placemats, to serve cuts of cold meats, hold condiments, or what their name suggest, a cutting board!  Have them handy for serving a delicious slice like brownies, or impress your friends with an array of cheeses and biscuits.  Even comes in pretty handy during a fight…just to frighten, not cause bodily harm, of course  🙂

Cheerio ’til next time!

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