As we walk through the door of Dolcettini, we immediately become aware of the homely smell of freshly brewed coffee and hot, buttery pastry.  Even though the patisserie is tucked away on a side street in Dural, they sure don’t have a lack of passing trade through the door!

Bianca and her husband, Francesca, opened this shop in 2012, after creating a huge following by setting up market stalls and selling award winning delights. Nowadays, they can hardly keep up with demand and their delicious creations are very well known in the area.

We caught up with Bianca in the midst of the bustling trade, to ask about the design and decorating stage of the shop.

timber bar counter coffee shop

VSD:  How did you decide on the style of the décor?

My husband always wanted an industrial, rustic patisserie and I’ve always loved a more French Provincial and Italian country look (which can be very expensive when done properly).  We had a very tight budget not knowing what to expect from a shop in Dural in a small community.  We found the building to be awkwardly designed and weren’t willing to spend too much on the interior.

vintage red telephone

VSD:  You have some very interesting pieces.  Where did they come from and how long did it take you to collect them?

Most pieces were given to me by our parents and friends when they realised what kind of look we were trying to achieve.  All of the old coffee percolators belonged to my grandmother when she migrated from Italy and other pieces were gifts from friends.  I also purchased a few items from antique stores and good old E-bay.

vintage kitchen equipment

industrial counter top coffee shop

VSD:  Where did the timber counter tops come from?  Did you have it custom made locally?

A friend of ours from Arcadia invited me to come see long pieces of blue gum timber he had sourced.  I fell in love instantly and asked him to make counter tops to go across the front window.

industrial design style coffee shop

dried flowers

VSD:  We discovered your business card glued into the knot in the wood.  Could you tell us more about this interesting talking point?

We wanted something a little different and I wanted the benches personalised, as they were custom made.

dolcettini coffee shop dural

VSD:  Everyone usually has a story to share about the process of a renovation.  Do you have one?

Everything was slapped together by my husband, myself and my dad within a week.  We came in one day and did all the painting and placed all the furniture and kitchen equipment.  Over time, I added and removed some of the furniture pieces.  Thanks to my mother in law, we had some very unique pieces to start off with.  Unfortunately, we had to remove some of the more rustic furniture to create more flow for when we have a full house.

dolcettini dural patisserie

dolcettini dural

Well, let’s not keep you in suspense any longer!  Dolcettini is located at Q North Building, 10/829 Old Northern Road, Dural. More great news is that they hold a high tea on the first Saturday of each month from March to November, so just another way to while away the cooler months…

I can personally vouch for a number of desserts in their display and having tremendous trouble picking an absolute favourite. (Might have to go back, just to make absolutely certain…)

Mmmmm, coffee and cake, anyone?

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie and Eriana

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