Let me guess, you have an eye for design and constantly want to try out new things, but your spouse is very happy with all the furniture you’ve had since you got married. He/she doesn’t understand why the cushions you bought 5 years ago are now outdated. Sounds familiar?

We’ve got some great ways to get around it, which is probably not always the most conventional ways, and please don’t share this information with anyone else…


Never complain about a boys’ weekend or if your partner needs to go on a business trip. That’s the best time to redecorate without any interruptions! The ideal chance to throw out stuff without second opinions.


Ask your buddies to start throwing hints on how you “should just do this” in your home. Plant the seed, and the idea will grow on your partner.


Start your conversation with: “I like your idea that we should….” or “You are good with colours, what would you do with….”  or “I want to redecorate sometime in the future, but would like it if you plan it with me “.  Even if you twist the converstation, you will boost their ego and they might think that they want to try out all their “good ideas”. They won’t know it’s just your process of getting the ball rolling.

“All jokes aside, so seriously, what is the right process to convince your spouse to redecorate?”


You have to have a plan. The best way is to gather images to show them what you are visualising. Many people can’t visualise, and it’s your job to show them what you have in mind. If you have a budget to go with it, even better. Most partners will just ignore your plans, unless they see you’ve done some research and they can see the actual figures of what this could cost. Don’t overwhelm them with the total cost, but break it down into sections or phases that will suit your budget.


Instead of just throwing out all your old stuff, prove how you can re-use certain items to save money. (Paint, sand or upcycle) You could even work out a plan to sell old furniture on Gumtree or EBay to help keep costs low. Work out a realistic timeline so that your partner is not scared away from the project from the get go.

Redecorating is always a two person project. You might be the instigator and design chief, but your partner might be the wallet, project manager or trade negotiator. If you make sure everyone feels they have an important role to play, you’re halfway there. Be aware that decorating and renovating always have challenges. Most people don’t start the process because they feel overwhelmed before they’ve even started. Just break it down in phases.

Now it’s time to go book your partner’s weekend away!

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