Maps have been around for thousands of years to show us the shape of the world and the lay of the land, but also to get us excited about our next travel destination. In recent years, maps have become a popular way to decorate our homes, adding a touch of worldly flair for the unknown.  Whether it is by choosing a contemporary map for the modern home, or an old world map for the elegant touch, the options are endless.  Find some instant inspiration from these images below.


(Image by Design Sponge)

Add a wow factor at the entry way by adorning an empty wall with a graphic black and white statement.


(Image from Pinterest)

An immediate industrial and rustic feel is created as the eye is drawn towards this inversed map image on a white brick background. We think this is a very unique idea for an exposed brick wall!


(Image by Design Sponge)

Show off your sense of wanderlust with an appealing map wallpaper in pastel colours.  Pick a table in a dominant colour and enjoy the funky effect!

how to decorate with maps

(Image from Design Sponge)

If you don’t have a secret map stash, look for some vintage maps online or visit antique and second hand stores.  A single map could easily create an environment where adventure is waiting around the corner. It is also a lovely work of art for a rental property.

tips on how to decorate with maps

(Image by Sibella Court)

Why not go overboard and layer your collection of maps? It will show off your incredible adventurous spirit and knowledge of faraway places.  Just remember to make sure you know which country lies where during dinner conversation, or you might spoil the appearance of worldly wisdom…

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie & Eriana

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