So your husband says there’s no way in hell he pays an electrician $300 to add light fittings next to your bed for your $50 K-mart pendant lights you just bought. Everyone wants it! A pendant light next to their bed, but you don’t have fittings in the ceiling… Now what?

Lucky for us the informal rope and cord lights are very contemporary and you can now plug them into the socket next to your bed. However,  you still need to make it look like a pendant! Today we show you a few ways on how to present these lights. This is great for tenants too, as you can add quirkiness to a room without damaging the ceiling or paying an electrician.


They are cheap, and available from your local hardware store or places like IKEA. You can be fancy like in image one, and thread the rope through the bracket. Or, you can just be “arty” and drape the cord all over the bracket like in image two!


You can use any old furniture or crates and drape your rope light around it. An old vintage styled ladder can add lots of character to your room.


This method is my favourite as you can really get the feeling that the light is hanging from the ceiling. Make sure you choose a chord that is funky and suits your decor. Don’t try to make it look perfect, as the untidiness is part of the charm!

So I hope you feel inspired to grab these (mostly!) inexpensive cord lights and make them a feature of your room!

You can buy them online from many places, but my top choice is FAT SHACK VINTAGE. Just make sure you order the “Pendant Light cord with wall plug.”. They cost about $65-00.

If you are a tenant, and you also want to know how to display artwork without using tools, read our blog about “8 WAYS TO DISPLAY ART – NO TOOLS REQUIRED “

Until next time,

eriana bredenhann


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