Apparently there is a way of tidying your house only once, and never again. I saw this on a Facebook post of a group I am a member of, called The Hills District Mums. Girls were asking for advice on how to keep their homes tidy when it’s filled with kids and chaos and stuff and everyday life. A few people commented on how the book “The life-changing magic of tidying up” from Marie Kondo has changed their lives. I just laughed and poured myself another glass of red wine, because how on earth is it possible to tidy your home ONCE, and never again?

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Let me be honest, I did go out and buy the A5 sized little book. With a boring cover and no images anywhere in the book, I read it while I got my highlights done at the hairdresser. Oh bugger, I got hooked on page 5 and couldn’t wait to get home and try the Marie Kondo method of tidying your home!

Let me first explain: I hate cleaning my house. I hate tidying my house. I always thought this to be one and the same thing. Marie Kondo taught me how wrong I was. Tidy ONCE, and from now on I just need to clean regularly. Is there a difference? Yes!

I am not going to repeat the whole book. I just want to tell you that I definitely got inspired to do a few things:

  1. First purge my stuff – no organising yet (no sorting and new ways of storing yet, just throw away the nonsense and close the chaotic cupboard again) Very important, go through your whole house first, before you start sorting.
  2. Purge correctly: Don’t decide what you are willing to throw away. (could be only 30% of your stuff) Decide what you can’t live without (It is literally only 30% to 40% of your stuff. Just keep this and chuck the rest) Difficult? Don’t worry she tells you how to do this in the book.
  3. Only keep things that brings you joy. (Her exact words) That means get rid of all the stuff that you feel guilty of throwing away, but you don’t use. (Gifts, hand me downs, expensive things you don’t use, things that you might –probably won’t- need in the next 10 years. You have to. This is your last chance!)
  4. Never store things in containers. You hardly use it again. If it does not deserve to be stored in your cupboard where you regularly see and use is, purge it. This was hard, but I’m getting there! (Except for a few sentimental things…but only a few!)
  5. Throw out almost all your paperwork. If you can google it, throw it out. Follow Marie’s method of how to organise paperwork. It works! (Read the book)
  6. Get rid of 60% of your crap. Don’t feel guilty. Someone else might actually  need it more than you do. Give it to Salvo’s or sell it.
  7. New Golden rule: If you use something, put it back in it’s place within 10 minutes, then you never will have to tidy again. Only the stuff you used the last 10 minutes will not be packed away! Does it work? I have been trying this for the last two months. If it works for me, it can work for everyone!!!! I am a lazy self-confessed “leave everything in the counter” type of girl. Okay, ignore the playroom… but get a dedicated playroom!

I still have not worked my way around my whole house. (Sorry Marie Kondo, I know you said I am not allowed to stop before I finished purging, but I had to celebrate Christmas, New year and pretend I enjoy visiting the Gold Coast theme parks for a week with my kids.)

The thing that I struggle with the most, is getting rid of things that cost me a lot of money, but now I don’t need it, but I keep it “in case I might need it in the next ten years”. I am now finally in the state of mind that I realise that I already spent that money. It’s gone. I already felt guilty about the money for the last few years, and I am still not using the item. So now it’s time to stop feeling guilty and get on with my life. If I don’t see it in my house anymore, my shelves and emotions are now decluttered! Within a few days you can’t even remember what you threw away. You never saw it anyhow when it was hidden in the back of your cupboard!

My Marie Kondo journey is not finished yet, but I really recommend you to read the book. It fits in your handbag. Small, but powerful. Maybe you think it’s nonsense. Oh well, so be it. At least it will make you think! If it helps one person to sort out their life, I am happy! I have even inspired my husband. We have Council Cleanup in two weeks, and I have never seen him throw away so many things before. Last night he told me: “I am going to the garage. I have a meeting with Marie Kondo there. ”

Happy tidying (once only!) & purging!

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