We take a few things in consideration before purchasing a bedside table.  It has to be the correct height next to your bed, have enough storage space, be big enough to place a few items on, etc.  Have you ever considered using an item in your home; that has been utilised as something entirely different, as a bedside table?  Have a look at the examples below to get the imagination going.

concrete blocks bedside table

These stacked concrete blocks become a funky bedside table in the blink of an eye.  Just add some greenery and a few books for a touch of homeliness.

swing bedside table

A rustic piece of timber can quickly be transformed into a swing for an eye catching bedside table.  Just be careful with those steaming cups of tea!

suspended drawer

A suspended drawer beside your bed?  How remarkable!

DIY timber bedside table

This almost looks like the tray I attempted in woodworking class.  I knew I was onto something spectacular!

converted suitcase

Just add legs to your 70’s suitcase and there you have it – a riveting talking point.

rustic log bedside table

These beauties can adorn the side of my bed any time.  Love, love, love.

timber ladder

A footstool and a handmade ladder.  Too easy!

timber chair

Last but not least, the humble dining chair, providing hanging and storage space.

Do you use something unusual as a bedside table?


Cheerio ’til next time!



Images pinned from Alvhem; organicus-blog; pinterest via problem; decoist.com; pinterest via christinaquinder; decorative bedroom; showhome; themerrythought.

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