Lyndies renovation, the pool

Our kids are getting bigger and more likely to enjoy hours of fun in a pool, rather than a game of backyard ball games.  Although equally enjoyable, we think the neighbours got tired of our son climbing over their fence collecting balls that had been kicked into their yard.  Our backyard isn’t big, so putting in a 4m x 8m pool was interesting and will take up most of the yard.  We had to consider many technical elements such as boundary restrictions, access for excavation and working around the causeway and sewer line at the back of our property.

The pool plan

Although we had a lot to consider, we wanted to design it well to enhance our family lifestyle, see returns on our property value and do this without having a head of grey hair at the end of the process.

Pool excavator


Back yard pool digging

As you can see, we had a lot of greenery in the form of hedging, shrubs and small trees that needed to be removed before we could start digging the pool.  Luckily, (after we got one that fitted past the side of the house) this piece of machinery did most of the backbreaking work, without anyone breaking into a sweat (says me watching them from the kitchen sipping a cup of tea…)

shrub and hedge removal


hedge removal

We can start seeing some progress and getting a good idea of the size of the area.  The shrubs wasted a huge amount of space and blocked our view into the distance.  On top of that, we can now see the line of the causeway.  At this stage, we’re almost ready for the Water Board to peg out the position of the sewer line before digging begins.

pool excavation

I still can’t believe how a little digger like this can dig a 4×8 hole, almost 2m deep in just a couple of days.  Next time, we’ll get to the concreting bit.

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Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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